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108 rant  & Ruminations

Earth flatenend

    Younger followers of this miserable rant probably don't remember Buckminster (Who would name their little baby "Buckminster?) but let's just call him "Bucky" Fuller., after all, I believe he was the first to remind us that Earth was "Spaceship Earth". His geodesic structures are world known. I had  even bought one second hand that was just taken down to  build on my own Top of the World in Laguna Beach. However, I needed to find some stainless steel strapping tape to pull it off, but my finances were in jeopardy and the erection was off, but my favorite invention of his was the first map of the world that did not distort the size of the  Iceland which I never could determine the relative size. But he derived the form from dividing the land masses into a  dodecahedron sphere where each continent is whole. 
  The saga continues. I finally discovered the there was a whole series of 'Interviews' (The complete Series) by the TV screen but everyone forgot about the original movie. I finally located it and will give you a rundown about it soon. However, I ended up on a porno website and had difficulty getting out of it, if you know what I mean.  I did recognize the actor  Matt Frewer (Max) in a Netflix series by the Canadians called " Intelligence", which gives an interesting view of our Spy agencies (CSI, FBI, NSA, etc), currently.  Anyway, I finally tracked down a copy of the virtually unknown movie and have it on VHS. You do know what a VHS tape is, don't you? Most don't know he got his name due to his running thru a gate on a motorcycle and nearly getting killed. The barrier said 

  This may not be relevant to the dark stuff you load with milk, sugar and what ever, but coffee originally was a 'wake you up" system derived from earlier monasteries.  Some Europeans still drink it full strength, nothing like the watered down beverage we Westerners like.
 Maybe it originated in Yemen, near Sana'a. Or was it Ethiopia? The story goes like this; A shepherd noticed his goats (or was it sheep?) up and about all nite. He saw they were eating fruit from bushes so he tried some and was invigerated and his acuity increased. But he had only been eating the fruit and it was discovered soon enough (several centuries, probably) that the nut has the good stuff in it. So they dispensed with the fruit and found methods to roast the  nut and made a very strong drink. There seem to be two types; Robusta and Arabica. Legend has it that it was shipped from Mokha, a city port on the Red Sea, ergo the name "Mokha". Monks used it in their ceremonies . Bahia = Kave = coffee.
  Ethiopians chewed the beans at first  but Ali Ibn Omal Al-Shadhili, a Sufi, first brewed it and as it was the Sufi's who traveled around brought it to the Middle East. But like tea, one could be executed if caught exporting a seed or a  seedling. Early coffee houses, called Qayveh Kaneh appeared in Arabia but we're all closed in 1511 by Khair-Bey as they were hothouses of insurrection. 
   Ethiopia was probably home to first bush, but Yeman cultivated and processed and organized the coffee trade. Qat, a mild narcotic, chewed like coca leaf by all the men, became more profitable to grow, ergo the coffee trade went away.
  The first coffee houses were called Kiva Han and may be still there. The Dutch smuggled seeds out of Yemen to their colonies in Java and Ceylon.
   The French got involved due to the King Louis XIV in 1715. He got a tree from the Dutch and set up farms in Martinique.   The story of how it got to Brazil is better. A Brazilian Lieut. Col. Francisco de Melo Paheta visited Martinique to mediate a dispute between the Dutch and French. The story says he seduced the wife of the French governor as a parting gift was sent a bouquet containing viable coffee seeds and shoots. those are the origin of Brazilian coffee production, being in the proper climate zone. 

BUYING A  WIFE  (An excerpt from my book "the Education of an Architect).
   BIG SUR. -  Mrs Deetjin, as everyone called her, was a mountain of a woman, so fat, she could not get out of bed. She was kind of the local newspaper, as she knew all the gossip.  That is where I first met Henry Miller, as I knew his close friend, Emile White.  Emil lived across the highway just a couple of feet from the road. When you stepped out his door, you had to be careful not to be run over by a speeding car. Emile was an artist who was completely color blind, but refused to admit it and did primitive type of paintings with outrageous colors. He also did many sketches of Miller ( Trying to capture his homeliness?) which actually captured his disjointed  facade. Well, he and Miller had sent to France for a couple of mail-order wives a few years previously. They (THE YOUNG GIRLS) actually came over, lived with them for a short while, then split for better pastures. I don't know if they ever got married, but it's probable as that is the only reason to come over here is to get citizenship. Emil eventually opened a gallery for Henry Miller near Nepenthe restaurant, which still exists.
" A corporation is a moral imbecile. It has no sense of right or wrong,  Any restraints must come from the outside, laws and customs."

Brugge snack
  Unless you've been to Belgium and.were a connoisseur of good beers, you may not have heard about "Delirium Tremens", Voted one of the 50 great beers of the world. Why would you choose a pink elephant for your logo and alcoholic Tremens for a name? Most of these beers use the old 1516 Beer brewing laws and ingrediants.
Anyway , trust me, it is as good  as it they claim.

  I do understand that total representation of any politician to be inserted in our senate can be disruptive, as did happen when  Hitler was established in such a mode and the dis-function of legislatures such as Italy and Greece. But a recent columnist brought to light RANKED -CHOICE VOTING , whatever that means. Our Two-Party system has descended in   a non-compromise situation and seems totally separate from  the specter of the "Lobbyists" who seem to be more in control than the voted-in Pols.  All the hub-bub on Gerrymandering has gotten our attention but that may have a small feed the on or voting.  But maybe Proportional voting would work better, as it does in Europe.  Recently, voters in Maine passed a referendum regarding ranked -choice voting, of course the State Legislature had done everything to fight it but it may  be on their June primary ballot.  A Group. Called Fait Vote has been advocating this system for a long time. I wish we could hear more of it.

  I've put up a small note on our Unisex toilet (Men & Women ):

  TRANS-SPECIES (Please clean-up after yourselves).

  A monk (Dionysus Exiguus) introduced a new calendar based on the birth of Jesus Christ around 532. Up to that time dates were named for the Roman Consul. He designated the years after Jesus as Anno Domini., which did not catch on until after Exiguus death. A monk, Venebale Bede, began using this calendar in his writing around the eight century. When is someone going to start using my new system of Dates? (It begins about the time of invention of writing).

  I've just finished Daniel Ellsberg's book aptly called DOOMSDAY MACHINE, and saw him and Peter Coyote at the Vets' auditorium in Petaluma.
  Maybe only the older folks will remember "Deep Throat", the first whistleblower who copied thousands of pages of Top Secret Material from the Pentagon and gave it to the Washington Post which started a Shit-storm among our top level politicians. That was him! He was trying to get us out of the drawn out war with Vietnam, but his exposure of the tenuous hold  our dear leaders have on the 'Button' is exposed brilliantly. We all know that we have literally thousands of Nuclear warhead missiles in the US and Europe,(We do know, don't we?)  as well as a scattered all over the Pacific Ocean. You may know of the 'football' briefcase that accompanies our president at all times, but you may not know that it is a hoax. There are a plethora of 'buttons'  that  have to be worked thru to set off any one missile, either from North Dakota, an Air Force bomber (always in the air!) , a submarine loaded with a dozen Nukes, as well as a bunch of silos all over Europe, all pointed at Russia and China. This book describes how close we have come (several times) to extinguishing all life on Earth.  At which time I had to get the Video of 1959 "ON THE BEACH" again. It is very difficult to find as most people of the world do not seem much concerned that at any moment the and the rest of all life will be dead in a couple of years. Even Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner can't seem to make it popular. it seems amazing that we don't want to know any message that tells about our certain destruction but just try to find the video, which was done in 1959! I finally had to buy one. I think I'll try to get the book also.  If you get frustrated trying to see a copy of the video, let me know and I will loan you mine.


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    Living out here in the hinterland of apple orchards and vineyards, I was delighted to come across a couple of up-to-date  dances as I am frankly bored with classic ballet , not so much as their incredible technique but the use of the same old stories, no matter how great they were 200 years ago.  There are a very few Groups out there who ask "How can I utilize an old story
     and make it it into modern culture? I've already mentioned the fabulous movie made by Carlos Saura, a Spaniard, featuring Antonio Gades, who has a Flamenco School of Dance in a very modern building, Gades is rehearsing his contemporary idea of Bizet's 'Carmen" and significantly finds a young , beautiful student who fills part , at least in Antonios mind.  He guides us all the way thru he rehearsal, with all manner of Flamenco ; older women, who really know how to dance & sing, to guitarist such as Paco de Luca, some  fighting using canes for damage and rhythm. This is one video you will want to own. Which I did.  Done about 1970.  I recently found another version of 'Carmen ' by Gades & Saura. It was a performed in the Teatro de Madrid and a different version of the movie, but so well done.
   I became interested in the derivation of Modern Dance, which seems to have originated in North America, so I started with Ted Shawn, who seemed to be breaking the mold a bit, but he mostly had a male dance group due his preference for homosexuality. Maybe around  1916, But from his group came Ruth St. Denis, around 1916, and then, thank Allah, Martha Graham came out of that group. Then from there was Merce Cunningham and even later, Twyla Tharp. I got into all of that as I had met Cunningham in later fifties to help him set up a show in Scottsdale, then a small western type town in Arizona. By the way, Martha Graham died of old age and alcoholism and not by losing her scarf around a playboys sport car. (Sorry)
  Anyway, back to some great dancing for your enjoyment on You Tube. I might add that the artists Stella, Raushenberg and Jon Cage (music) worked  with Merce for quite a while. Cages music was the perfect foil for Merce’s movements.
  Next, I found Twyla Tharps 'Barishnikov  does  Sinatra’, and I was shall we call it "enchanted".
   Now I've set you up for the ultimate (so far) interpretation of the Tango by Roland Petits' . 'Bolero'.    Petit was the choreographer for the Le Ballet de Paris, the oldest ballet company in the world. (Yes, before the Bolshoi) .He used the music "Bolero" by Ravels and with only two dancers (Takes two to Tango,eh) did an exemplar art job of producing the ultimate tango, using Massimo Murro and Lucia Lacarra, she on points and he throwing her around except succumbing at the end to full blossoming love. I would like to watch it more but the Bolero music is the kind that sticks in your mind. I can't imagine how many years I took to clear the dancers' brain.
Wee, these will keep you occupied for hours on end but  you will gain  from it. 

  This all got me thinking about the reason and derivation of dance or 'Movements" as the highly esteemed and revered Georgi Gurdjieff calls it. he was an /Armenian (Russian) mystic who escaped Russia just before the revolution of 1917. He gathered a small group of "Seekers of Truth" and bounced around the Caucasus, evading capture by one side or the other. He was (is) a very controversial figure as no one seems to know what he was teaching. Anyway, he had studied much of the esoteric dances of the monasteries of the East and incorporated them in his teachings. His legacy is mostly from his music that he had Thomas de Hartman, who had done some work for Bolshoi Ballet, which spawned several CD's of the music One of the first was performed by Kieth Jarret, The jazz pianist.
   The derivation of Dancing turns out to be too much for your humble ranter to document, but at least let me get in a rough outline to begin;
  Who began dancing around after the apes? Or do apes do it?

1.      Did Mr. Caveman dance around the fire after a good kill?
2.  Were the first dancers organized  to transmit sacred knowledge?
3.  Each. Country seems to have a dance for festive occasions, where the whole village got involved, such as the "Greek" dances to the tune of the balaliaika.
4.  When did the first dances performed for an audience? Who were the audience? 
5.  Only as  late as 1400's did ballet (as it was called) appear on the French scene due the the involvement of the King.  Now you will know why all the moves are in French, even in Russia
6.  By 1800's the Russians had the franchise to develope it  to the greatest  extant  and become the premier group for hundreds of years.
7. But early 1900's The Bauhaus and dance schools in the US  and Germany (Bauhaus) appeared  were tired of the usual boring shows.
8.  Was it Ted Shawn who broke the mold around 1915?
9.  Ruth St. Denis followed suite in 1916. She had studied East Indian Dances that told stories (Although pretty uninteiigble to us)
10.  Was Martha Graham the truly first Modern Dancer?
11.  Merce Cunningham came out of that of those studios about 1940's, utilizing the talents of avant guarded musicians like John Cage, artists such as Frank Stella & Raushenberg for sets and costumes.
12. Twyla Harp is about last on my list as I have Been lax these last few years., although I thorouhly enjoy her use of Barishnikov interpreting some of Sinatras Songs. 
   If you don't believe me, see some of the Sacred Movements that Gurdjieff learned in the East and transmitted to his students. (You Tube) The difference here is that his 'Students' were all 'amateurs & seekers'  but not professional dancers at all. Google "Gurdjieff Dances".
13.  But I did come across some Esoteric Eastern dancers where the men danced mostly on their balls of the foot but more surprisingly, a few had on Toe shoes, looking pretty much like 'Pointes'. I'm trying to re-find it on You Tube. That makes more sense as there is little creativity in dance groups, except for the leader.

Old BMW??

    This seems to be a secret but it happens every year at this time and the route is all around us. 
the original race is still performed in Italy but it's more of a Rally as they stopped racing when a car crashed into a couple of dozen by-standers and killed them all. They will be going thru Valley Ford Thursday and we'll be in the bar of the restaurant watching them wiz by in their old Bugatti's, Jaguars, Alfa Romeros etc.on their return to the Bay Area For details, see California Mille.  It's a strange sport group in Europe, fans will camp and wait for days until the bicycle or old classic cars flash by in seconds. And I suspect most of the old car owners are wealthy as some send their cars over from Italy on a plane.
FOR THE YOUNGER FOLKS who may not know;
  About the time you were born an artist by the name Jean Tinguely built some very complicated and incredible stable  machines that don't move but can draw, make squeaky noises  and will amuse you endlessly.

    What is it about ending books and movies with 'The Happy Ending' where everyone will be happy ever after? I recently had Seen the most recent version of THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME where the ending was kind of obscured when the couple walked out of a small portal  of the Notre Dame,  leaving me a little confused. Therefore, I bit the bullet and procured a copy of Victor Hugo's , which he wrote in 1831. I can't comment on the other versions of the movie but this one got it all wrong. After two hours or so of superb acting , the director or some idiot changed the whole sene, ergo, the entire concept of the plot. I saw the version with Anthony Hopkins as Quasimodo (Meaning half a person) and Rita Hayworth as Esmeralda.  They didn't follow Hugo's script as the luscious girl should end up hanging from the gibbet until dead, while Mr. Humpback  fell off of Notre Dame but should have disappeared and found the girl on the goul pile where  his  entertewined skeleton is found years later. The priest? Who gives a shit, he just died like everyone else falling or pushed off of the church, he just couldn't stand being I love with a teen-ager.

   I've always been a little curious about how these illustrious schools for thought (Tank?) were funded, so I did the obvious and googled it.  I never thought much about them, but when I discovered Cato Institute had a FOX News person on the Board I thought I'd better take a closer look. It turns out 2/3 of the Think Tanks' took money from Oil companies. Half are funded by ExxonMobil, and 1/3 by Chevron. Koch, Shell Oil and ConocoPhillips-Phillips each funded three.  Hmmmmm. Do you think that has any effect on what they are supposed to be studying?   "Staffers are clearly instructed to check with the  'Tanks Development Team' before writing anything that might upset contributors

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HERES a new mag I've been missing. ALLURE. It came to our house and it appeared to have a young, beautiful girl on the cover who was wearing only a brassier and panties. WOW!  Is this really legal now? I grabbed it and tried to fine the article regarding how hey managed that. I got side-tracked as there was virtually nothing in the entire rag but advertising. I finally ran across a small article regarding the cover model, who purportedly was wearing a transparent dress. Sure enough, when I looked closely, there were s,mall vertical lines on an clear plastic dress! Well, I was certainly fooled by that old ploy. 
   Anyway, while I was at it it I counted the add pages versus the written content, (not easy to tell the difference, sometimes). And found an astounding 96 full page adds mostly directed at young women who were already beautiful. There were only 16 pages of text! And this will only cost you $10 a year to buy mostly adds that the mag already is getting paid for by the advertisee. I''m truly appalled by this mis-use of time and money. At least it's not my time & money.

The sports folks are currently involved in buying up the best batters, pitchers, quarterbacks, Etc.   . And I am utterly flabbergasted about how much these guys are making. Here is a young guy who is being paid 20 million a year, but I suppose you have to look at the fact he has to pay about half of that in taxes to our government. (Bummer, only left with 20 mill?) I guess the only other guys who make as much are the Hip-Hop guys (What the hell is that?).

The name means SHIP STOREHOUSE and was a substantial building in the 1600's. Today it is a museum contains a wonderful contemporary Cafe with good food, good prices and better beer and wine. It has been fitted with a glass dome recently, which was inspired by the Compass Rose found on all nautical maps of the ancients. Since I could't figure out how such a shallow dome (with Snow loads) was built, I asked several engineers to enlighten me to no avail, but I am still impressed at such a flat dome for such a large area.

  Once in a while I come up for air and notice some new fashions going around. I was especially surprised when I noticed that most of the super sportsperson were wearing beards, and some really long! Everyone who plays with a ball (Base, Basket and foot) seem to be getting bearded up all of a sudden. I have mixed emotions about that as I have been hirsute for about 50 years now and like marijuana, didn't think it would become mainstream at some time in my lifetime, anyway.
   I am also noticing hat it seems 'fashionable for men to walk around with their shirts outside of their pants. Now this is a no brainier, as it is really a stupid look. But even worse than that, young girls (and their mothers) are all getting the Australian shoe/boot call Ugg, which has got to be named for a short version of Ugly!
  While we're dissing the new fads, let me vent a bit about why there is such a thing as high tables in, restaurants and even rental apartments (( this is what I call "a current fashion"). I suppose this is another of those wonderful inventions by your favorite Interior Desacrators.
  Let's talk a bit about our teachers. This as kind of similar to our health programs. Whenever we see a chart of our standing World-Wide, We spend less  on our teachers and less more on Health Care but get less and Less for each one.  But before I get into ranting about those, how about so many of our citizens have to have multiple jobs? I can understand a little of it as I had generally about 5 different jobs at the same time but I was a student, earning my way thru architectural school, not being supported by any Veterans tuition, and was too bright to get a student loan that would pay for it all (Parties!) and owing about a $100,000 as soon as I graduated. Who would be so dumb as to do that? I can now see that a college degree can be required to get those cushy jobs like Kindergarten Teacher.  Most think they are merely "Baby sitters" and that is what we really need, as that allows the mother to get a real job and support her kids. This is an area that I do not know much about, except what I read. But I have a feeling that our school system is pretty ,much regulated by the State and this bothers me. There are rules that limit the number of students, our type of history, etc.  How about looking at that problem from the top down, instead of gnashing our teeth about low paying jobs? (First, how much is adequate housing?)
Is there any way to look at how so many of our people are on welfare?   We have already built gigantic housing projects and the inmates (oops, excuse me!) turn it into a terrible, drug infested, violent environment, and it is therefore demolished *Pruitt-Igoe ( New York?) .
To quote a teacher ;"Isn't it amazing one can teach in a city in this country but not afford to live in it? Values in this country seem to be that entertainment, be it sports or Hollywood, is worth so much more that folks who teach our  children.


I do understand something about collateral building (Civilian benefits of War research, such as the iphone, satalites, etc.) but I don't have a number at hand that relates how much we budget on the Space  program.  I am concerned that the funding and development of outer Space takes precedent over our Health Care. What percentage of their budget do the Scandinavians spend on space inquired when they seem to have the health part of he equation pretty well handled. There are innumerable satellites zipping around our earth and they are a result of our other searches for the end of the universe, or something. Let's put off our trip to Mars after we've solved our Health program.  I recently saw a list of some of our space programs and there were 50 massive programs throwing shit in space , hoping for what?
Maybe we can leave collapsed stars and black or white holes alone for a while, and concentrate on problems at hand.

It's not all bad! Remember, I met my 1st and 3rd wives at the workplace.


The Art Nouveau  architect , Victor Horta, built his house (Now a museum) with wonderful hand built twisty steel pieces, most built-up as this was before rolled steel I beams. To us, we can't quit figure out how the crafsmen were able to fabricate such forms. This done about late 1890's.

Excerpts from  A FAILED DRUG WAR  (Plus some of my rantings. Stopping the Drugs)
 DRUG INTERDICTION. By Mathas Schwartz (New Yorker)
 In 1988, Reagan signed his Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which was to create a new, clean America by 1995.
 In 1911, George Shultz, Reagan's Secretary of State and our Official DRUG CZAR said "The war on Drugs has simply not worked, It hasn't kept drugs out of this country".
Jut like the war on Alcohol, or Prohibition, kept Alcohol out of the hands of  millions of our population, while engendering a vast crime syndicate, similar to what we are experiencing  but it has become a world-wide problem.
  Why did he realize this after so many thousands of people have been killed while hard drug use has increased vastly. They have finally realized that interdiction programs like Anvil, are negated almost instantly, and instead of wasting money, it would be better spent on treatment and harm reduction.  In 1920's , It took our government twelve years to realize that prohibition wasn't working The violence was extant, but nothing close to the violence that is occurring today. In Mexico, Middle America, South America and the Middle East
  These bureaucrats were a little confused and naive about the different drugs they were supposed to suppress. cannibas[1]  (Formerly known as Marijuana), Cocaine (From Coka) and heroine  (from Opium). Users were more dangerous than arid core addict as "they were willing and able to proselytize" which made them "highly contagious"  Never mind that a pot head would normally never ever want to be near a Heroine addict.

OPIUM - The cause of the Opium War in late 1800's between China and England, China was trying to get her subjects off the drug, but England couldn't care less as they were in it for profit. .

WEED -  A weed used by the American Indians mostly for religious purposes, It became prevalent enough by the 1930's to cause the US  Government to make a move ( a new medium) to show what a terrible thing it would be to be happy. For a few hours.

  COKA - A plant that was used (chewed) by the the Inca nation for millennia but was processed by some Americans into a short term high in order to work at the high altitudes to Peru & Colombia.

Our , lawmakers never realized it, but there it's a vast difference between the above drugs.
There will always be people who are easily addicted to a particular item, whether it be smoking, drinking or drugs. I've own people who over-use  cannibas, and their life can be a problem, (They drive slow, are peaceful, and can't remember anything.)

In 1988, the RAND cooperation study concluded that interdiction ( SEIZING) could not work. It cited six previous studies that had reached the same

When we invaded Afghanistan, we were surprised at all the Opium fields and farmers there. We didn't know what to do so we eradicated the farmers life income, just as we do in Columbia, Peru, and other countries that do not have a use problem.
Why do you suppose there are so many people in the 
US who use the harder drugs? 
    We are currently having a epidemic of Opoid over-use. I assume this is derived from Opium, and didn't we stop importing Chinese in the 1800's because they were all using this (Smoking)
   Iv'e been a felon all my adult life as I have used pot in lieu of alcohol to have a bit of fun with.  One of the problems anyone has had to study the effect of grasswas that it was so illegal, no one could study it unless they were using it.

  If we stop this madness, how do we fire the thousands of people who are making a living off this "Interdiction".?  IN 1989, CONGRESS APPROVED 2.2 BILLION FOR BUSH'S 5 YEAR PLAN TO ERADICATE COCA FROM THE FARMS IN ANDEAN AREAS OF SO. AMERICA.
Bennet, our drug czar, promised a 10 percent reduction in use by '91. Aur DEA budget trailed.eduction by 1999. Between '90 and '07, street prices declined by 80 % . During the same period, DEA budget triples.   What is happening these days is Rebellions and Insurgents are being funded by the growers of Pot, Coka and Opium.

I n  1998 our we. (The DEA) killed Escobar in Columbia, but before too long, new bosses took his place & business as usual continued as long as we have a population thaat needs it.
  This was a new thought, Clintons drug tzar said "If you want to fight a war on drugs, talk to your children. ". Do you mean education? We all know that can't work, don we?  We spent 5 billion in 6 years fighting the insurgents & drug  Guys in South America. , yet our DEA budget increased by three fold. Is anyone paying attention?
  We have incarcerated 320',000 of our citizens in our huge jail system. The most in  the world,
Our drug  budget for 2006? Was 25 billion , yet we spent 40% for treatment. I don,t remember anyone trying to convince me from smoking a joint once in a while.
  The US has tried paying Coka farmers to switch crops what what would you do?
Drugs. Are not a security threat . It has come to light that we couldn't even get Canada to a test how really bad is for us Only after prohibition can we get studies that show that cocaine & hereon are  not so good for us. (Surprise!).
   We don't seem to have any regrets when we spray farmers fields with Paraguat. Is this defoliant toxic? Do we care? What is happening when most of our citizens are approving of legalizing cannabis? This must be pretty traumatic to the DEA who have put so many of our otherwise citizens in prison, ignoring the catastrophic effect it had on so many family's. Are we gone to let all those thousands to go free now that the law has changed?  Why is it that we are the biggest problem in the world  Where most of the drugs end up in the USA?? Past presidents (Reagan) have declared "We’re running up the battle flag, , we can fight the drug problem, we can win". Do they really believe it, even after we failed so miserably with. The booze wars.?
  In Nicaragua, the villagers have nothing but scorn for the local authorities, the Army, The drug traffickers as well as the Americans who have brought. All this down upon them and their families. The collateral damage to local villages is tragic. They believe " All they care about is the drugs. Not who dies, not the evidence or the legal procedures, Just the drugs." That's about the same mind-set as the Drug traffic eras, isn't it?
  The. Amount of Coka needed to supply the Global Market is relatively small: a plantation of two hundred thousand hectares (about the size of Long Island) would be enough. The U.S. Has chased this plantation around the world, why not grow it here for our own folks and forget all about the "War on Druds"?
The most famous butcher in Italy is Dario Cechina, in a small village in Chianti region. Known for his disdain of his customers and their whims, he has opened a nearby open air restaurant where he serves about three dishes, A large steak-burger, a some other part of a cow, and a vege type ,which I had. Notice his paper place mats are a digragm of the various cuts of a cow.

WAR. Our military budget is insane.  Five times greater tan any other country and over 60% of our Federal budget. We don't need to build an Empire. So let's divest ourselves of Puerto Rico,
Guam and all the other small islands we desire in order to have an airfield in the middle of the vast ocean For our policing of the rest of the world.

SEX   It took us a while to realize that AIDS was a deadly disease due to a lifestyle we didn't
appprove of but also found that  heterosexuals did suffer from it and we finally got it where everyone didn't die from it. Now we're trying to understand that women Want to be men, and vice versa. What to do?  

EDUCATION. Young people should understand more about the ramifications of College. First of all, you don't need it if you don't know what you want to learn, like a profession. Trade schools are a great way to learn a trade and become a useful citizen, and make a good living. There is a peculiar relationship between earning capacities and college grads. Why is it that some teachers, with a degree, earn less than someone in the trades? There should be a better relationship between earnings and how much time one spends, learning to say nothing of the costs involved. Look at me;  four years of College (Paid my way) plus several years as an apprentice really learning the trade. But actually making minimum wages for years. Even now, as my own boss,  I don't make much money, but I love what I' m doing. Is there a requirement for that?  A few of my college friends, Jazz musicians, spent years in college with me, then earned a living with their music and not as an architect after they graduated.

HEALTH   We set up up jingoistic phrases like "Single Payer". What does that mean? Who is the single payer? Your employer? Your government?  You? And if you're a self employed entrepreneur? How do other countries do it?  Maybe we can't afford to give you a re-cycled Heart or lung , since you spent most of your life living a dissolute existence?
We tend to focus on morality issues like "Abortion" and such.
Our drug policy is strictly a morality issue, from 1930's.  What a surprise to find marijuana has so many health benefits, to say nothing of the fun you can ave if you can figure out the zillions of types of cannibas (The new word for it). (Also, how to spell it. I just figurered out how to spell marijuana).

POLITICS   Talk about Crazy!  Our politicians, who we voted for (kind of ) are now so beholden to the money  they receive from "Lobbyist" that it is really the Lobbyists who are running the country. I guess when you get so big, the only way to talk to your politico is thru a lobbyist. Why don't we just vote for the Lobbyists?

GUNS   Why do gun folks need assault weapons for? They can't use them for hunting squirrel & deer. Does anyone know why they need AK47 for target practice  Every one in a while, a loony massacres a bunch of innocents for an unknown reason. I have given this problem at least 10 minutes thought and here is my solution;  I don't know how many schools we have but it would be nuts to arm all the teachers and supply them with guns, with which they wouldn't know how to kill another human. But , hire one teacher in  each school who is a veteran with lots of gun skills give him/her a nice Utzi to keep in a class room locker and if a nut comes along, shooting students, he can take him out , at least make it a level playing field.
ACCESSIBILITY.   Has anybody calculated how much it is going to cost us citizens to change A LL THE CORNER CURB CUTS IN AMERICA to conform to the requirements of the ADA (American With Disabilities Act). I stand by helplessly watching my small town (Sebastopol) tear out and  replace all the corner ramps in all the cities  every ten years.  Meanwhile, I',m avoiding potholes In the  street that is  an embarrassment  to us poor car drivers.
I'd like to inject my two cents worth here as SEX in the workplace isn't all bad. Remember, I met mt 1st wife and 3rd wife in the workplace. The first one lasted a year but the last one is lasting over 30 years!  ( This one is "until death do us part")  A note to the young who still feel the need, all my weddings had very few people around, especially the last one in Greece, when the mayor of Pahlio Pasihico was a pretty excited and the Brit expatriot were the only ones around. You don't need such extraneous people to muck up the moment.


Some things are so simple and beautiful,  like the small salad on our street table in Castellani.

It cost the Italian government several million euros per inch to stop the destruction.
It was moved back  a total of 16" . They probably figure that is far enough as they still need the tourists to awe at it.

LOCAL ISSUES? (That directly affect us)


PEDESTRIANS   When we can convince our pedestrians that when crossing a street in a crosswalk, whether it is flashing with light a on the side not in the pavement,  THEY ARE NOT IN A SAFE ZONE. IT IS DANGEROUS CROSSING THE SREET and one must be aware of that. How many times have I seen pedestrians walking across the street, unaware they are in a target zone?

  My experience has been that when a friend dies, it gives me an Idea how much I loved that one.
But recently, I read a cogent concept that we might ask ourselves occassinally..
"Make a list of those that you would make you  devastated by their loss."


Monday, January 22, 2018



Typical Lunch 

Traveling in Europe is a very rewarding experience most of the time. However, once in a while there is a major glitch in the system and you are caught right in the muddle.  I have detailed a few un-planned experiences that you might be aware of next time you visit Europe.
   The following plan was to get to our hotel in Paris from the Orly Airport.  (Before DeGaulle opened).
Arrived at Paris Orly Sud from SFO late in day so walked over to Orly Hilton and got a room for the nite. Drank up all the stuff in the minibar plus a bottle of good French champagne for you know who. In the morning caught the Air France bus to Invalides, where we started dragging our bags around for blocks (big blocks) as we were looking for Tourist Office at 127 Champs Elysees. I figured with that address it would be in the first block. Wrong! We learned later that the numbering system is separated into Residential and Commercdial, Each a 2” square porcelain number, Blue for Residential (Or the other way around) and white for Commercal.
   We ended up struggling uphill  the entire Champs  (Joy bitching all the while in the heat)  as the numbers are the number of buildings, not shops. Once there , however, ,at nearly the last building next to Napleon’s Arch de Triumph,  it was just a matter of time before they found us a two star hotel in Montemarrte district. Armed with directions we found the outstanding Paris Metro (Underground) and zipped off in the wrong direction. After a couple of transfers we got back on track and to the hotel, a small eighteenth century three story place called L'Ermitage, run by a nice couple who nearly spoke English. This near Sacre Cour cathedral on Rue Lamarck.
   The Paris Metro is a very clean, efficient system, venders and musicians set up in the interconnecting tunnels and amplify all over the place, classical to rock to reggae. Remember that at that time, we didn’t have a cell phone and there were no ATM’s to pick up cash whenever you needed it.  Lots of rain in Paris. We got soaked the next day running around to American Express and Galleries Lafayette so Joy can buy a sweater as it is freezing ass. The store has a marvelous stained glass dome, maybe 100 feet in diameter and the space is five stories high. Also found a travel agent and bought Cooks Train Schedules which was indispensable throughout our trip. (Brentanos Bookstore showed us books on cooking!).
   After many false tries we found Bank of Lyons to cash our Travelers Chcks, this being before ATMs or anything. This place, previously the Bibliotheca National,  also has a great three story central space with curlicue cast iron pinned connections trussed framing and another glass dome .

LOST CAUSE                                                         
Just finished “World in the Balance” by Robert Crease, as I have been so frustrated that we in the U.S. Can't use the metric system and wanted to really get down and find out why. It seems such a system is nothing new as it was considered in 1791. The French were the instigators of such a system. Even then, they determined there were three ways to set a measurement  of a METER.  Meter is from the Greek “metron” or measure.
1. The length of a one second pendulum. (See Faucalt’s pendulum in the Museo de Metrics. (About a meter).
2, One 20,000,000 of the earth's equator.(I didn’t quite understand that one).
3. A portion of the meridian running thru Paris. e.i., the basic unit length would be based on a ten millionth part of the meridian. (One meter).
One universal and unchanging standard would be the meter (or tenths of) to be cubed in order to hold water (distilled at the temperature of melting ice.) (Perrier?). But it had to be a measure found in nature, so when a standard was lost or damaged it had to be replaceable. Of course, the French went overboard at first  – they also made clock time decimated in 10 hour days, 100 minute hours, 100 second minutes, which actually worked for ten years. They also got off to a clean start with the year 1793 replaced with the year one. Just like the Mohammedans. and Langworthy’s new dating system.
Copies of a meter were placed all over Paris and two are left. I'll try find the one on Place Vendome and report back to you later. (Sorry, I Forgot to look for it).
 In 1999 the $327 million Mars Orbiter disintegrated as it approached Mars because its American engineers mixed up meters and feet!
   In 1790, a Mr. Dombry (from France)  was sent to America with a meter and a cube (a litre?). Just as he neared Philadelphia, a storm sent his ship to the Antilles, a French colony. He was arrested and imprisoned. During a riot he was pushed off a rampart into the water, resulting in a bad fever. However, the govenor finally recognized him, put him on another ship to America. But a British privateer took him hostage and imprisoned him in the British colony of Montserat, where he died. But the cargo was auctioned and someone sent the meter and kilogram to the U.S., but never got sent it to the U.S. Congress. As each colony determined its’ own weights and measures, the Articles of confederation (1777) gave congress the right of “fixing standards of weights and measures”. Since no action was taken on this, we just borrowed the British standards. Madison at least got the coinage system into a decimal system by 1786, too bad he thought we needed pennies, or maybe you could buy something for a penny in those days.   Strangely after all this thinking and agonizing, the metric system is very similar to the units of measure used in Mesopotamia about five thousand years ago. (That would be Iraq). Where 1 meter = 1 Mesopotamian step, 1 litre=1 Meso. Bowl, etc. By 1880 half the world's population used the new system. But not us!  An early attempt in US was in the 1920's by a group of pesky women, The General Federation of Women's Clubs. It failed, unfortunately.
Part of our reluctance to change (other than our arrogance and smugness) was the cost of changing all our steel, lumber, screws, etc. was just too much for some. Another  major roadblock was put up by some religionists who had a very strong lobby. “We have to defend our Native Anglo-Saxon metrology which derives from the God-designed metrology of Israel and found in the great pyramid of Giza”  What? The Cubit?!             Meanwhile, the IS (System Internationale) is still refining the definition of a meter. In addition to the speed of light, we could use Plank's Constant, An elementary charge, Boltzmann's Constant or Avagdro's Number. Take your pick. The World moves on without us.
 Next time you see the Cult Movie  “THE BIG LABOWSKI” (The Dude)  be sure to note the fabulous house designed by John Lautner in Hollywood Hills,( Jeff Bridges was visiting one of the Bad guys ). Mostly cast concrete with a high peaked ceiling in the Living Area. He also designed most of the built in furniture (couches, etc).

  TV Land is not altogether a wasteland as there are a few  videos that actually are worth watching and are informative. One such is called WHY WE FIGHT.  (2005). A documentary of personal stories of government officials  and soldiers as well as a few innocent victims, it examines political and economic factors, past and present., behind America’s Militarism.  I believe our biggest problem is what President Eiesenhower warned us about; the collusion between our Military and Industrial folks in order to create the great Empire.

My eyesight was failing in my early teen years , so I was introduced to the work of  Dr  .W.H. Bates, another early pioneer of healing by natural means, (along with my Doctor; Henry Bieler). I was excited to find that Aldous Huxley also was restored eyesight using the Bates method of exercises. In the 1950’s. and wrote a book about the method entitled THE ART OF SEEING.  This type o healing has fallen out of fashion and probably not followed anymore by anyone. This has  fallen out of favor as most Eye specialist would rather have you buy expensive glasses for the rest of your life.

FRANCOIS ARAGO was one of those intrepid souls who was really into his work; a Physicist, Astronomer, mathematician, etc.  Born in 1786, he and a collegue were commissioned to complete the survey of a Meridian  as South far as the Spanish Island of Baleraic.  Unfortunately, in the meantime, France & Spain went to war, and determined that the Astronomer was a spy, therefore, Arago escaped from the Island on a fishing boat to Algiers, from there he was able to get passage on a boat to Marsielle.  Unfortunatley, the ship fell into the hands of a Spanish corsair, where he was imprisoned in a fortress.  The town was captured by the French, who transferred the prisoners to Palamos.  After three months imprisonment, they were released due to the demands of the Fey of Algiers, where he again set sail for Marseille, but driven back to Africa by a Northerly wind to Bougie, Africa .  The only reasonable transport back to Algiers was overland, which took them six months, where he again set sail for Marseille, where he was quarantined in the lazertto.  He was later released due to a letter from Alexander von Humbolt (of Humbolt County fame).  All this, in order to determine the Meridian, ergo the length of the Meter could be deduced. Upon returning to Paris, at age of 23, he was elected to the French Academy of Sciences.
  My point of all this is to make you aware of the Medallions that were installed througout the city of Paris. The Dutch artist, Jan Dibbets, installed 135 of them from Chantilly to Port du Clignancourt running thru the Paris Observatory to memorialize Aragos work on the fisrt meridian which later got moved to Greenwich, England in 1884. You can get a map of where they are in Paris online.


Tuesday, January 02, 2018



Hotel Fira from our Balcony
  Revisiting Greece to celebrate our marriage here 20 years ago, we spent a week on Santorini Island, in the same cliff hanging hotel as before, except it was now run by the children of the original owners.
We were always surprised that our used toilet paper had to go in a separate container, but with the preparation for the Olympics here in Athens, we thought they might have upgraded their sewer system to accept toilet paper. But NO. didn’t happen, although we were a couple of months before opening  time, and Calatrava’s partial covering of the football (Soccer) stadium was nowhere close to being finished.  We never stayed in expensive hotels and always wondered if they used the same miserable system as the lower class ones.  Well, our breakfasts were not improved during the 20 years, as the eggs were still over-cooked on one side, rather raw on the sun side. Forget their bread, it’s forgettable.  And Coffee?  Not on your life, get to like Nescafe.!  Let’s try a nice sunset dinner at an upscale restaurant, Selene.  Pretty hard to beat the location, on the Caldera lip, a thousand feet above the water, too bad they thought to have a restaurant here. Joy’s  rooster ( Entre $20, wine $32) was too tough to chew and we couldn’t discern what the various parts of a chicken there was.  My fish was just OK.
  Back in Athens, we thought we would see some local dance show  of “Greek Dancing” on a walk up to the Acropolis.  We stopped on a well  known  Taverna  in the Plaka area (Old Town) . A large room with a dozen dancers on a teeny stage faced a dozen Japanese and a couple of Brits and us. The show started off with a dozen ‘dancers’ who  reduced their numbers until just two guys were left. They had great costumes but totally uninspired. Hell, me and my kids used to Greek dance better than that.  But wait, there’s more.  During intermission, we were all waiting for the show to start the band played a few numbers (Piano, trumpet, drums, balalaika) so here comes an old Brit with his Old Korean wife in bobby sox on the stage and scooted around slowly with her for a couple of numbers. Man, was that ever weird! I would have enjoyed just listening to a good balalaika just by itself, though, Didn’t happen.
   Later, in Firenze,  where we Met our friends , Bill and 2D when they got off the train from Venice, to discover Bill had lost his purse + wallet+ passport) on the train . Man, was he forever in deep shit!
   Later on, we all went down to Chianti area, stayed at a 500 year old  Locandas . Bill drove us all down to Siena, about an hours drive , but finding a parking place there is a miracle. We found our small miracle in the soccer stadium, near center of town where there  are spaces for several cars, but all really jammed in. However, parking is very close and we had to fold up our rear view mirrors for the operation.  Bill, backing in and out to get into our space, he backed into the adjoining car ,but as  the other  car had was already full of small dents, but our rental had a broken taillight. His plan was to ignore the whole episode,  which turned out later to be the correct one.

    After a few days in Rapallo, a small village on the Ligurian Coast, we were going  to train to Nice, then Lyon for some wine tasting in the Burgundy area.  First, we had to get to Genoa. 50 miles up the coast. Fortunately, our train was to be on Binario (Platform) one, so we didn’t have to drag our bags up and down stairs to get to the tracks. Chris Columbus is a big name here, as he was born here. This is a huge heavy industrial Port city, after all, they nearly conquered Venizia in the 15th Century. While waiting for the train, we checked the makeup of it which is displayed on all platforms. Our car was number 12, or the end one. Fast trains are in groups of 12, as some are connected together and makes them pretty long. Therefore we moved to the end of the binario where our car should be , except the train came in backwards (Don’t ask me how they do that), which meant our car was on the other end of this 12 car segment. Nothing to do but curse and run to the end as these babies stop for five minutes only.  Next time, we barely made it but next time we wait in the center of the un-arrived train.
  On to Nice! What a joke! Comfortably seated we are at last on our way to FrANCE. About half of this trip is thru tunnels and high viaducts hanging over the Mediterrain Sea, more rugged that the Big Sur Coast but also developed with small villages all over.  Only made a few stops, even though there was a town about every 50 feet.  We arrived in one called Ventimiglia, the last Italian town on the Italian/French border. The train was stopped for a very long time and we wondered what the matter was until the conductor came by and said everyone off the train!  OK, we packed our bags  (We had three small ones total). And stood around on the platform expecting a French Train to arrive (That sometimes happens).  Finally, a French couple informed us that the French train was on strike.  However,  In the small station, there was a long line , signing up for a bus to Nice.  Joy got into it while I guarded the baggage. Well, by the time she got near the front, we were told  “No more bus”, and didn’t know if there would be another. OK, we’ve handled strikes before in Greece, Italy & France, so we punt.  If we don’t get to our Hotel in Nice, we lose the €130 deposit so we negotiated for a taxi to take us 50 miles to the Hotel Windsor in Nice  for €90. We felt a lot better, after showering and a cool drink in our hotel, just forget about the money! We’ll work on Phase 2  manana (Getting to Lyon and Burgundy country.).

  “Who shall we invade next? “  BY Michael Moore
Mr. Moore, makes me sick. He is such a fat slob, always wearing a baseball cap, showing zero class.  But has some redeeming features. This video is his research on several areas of our life in a democracy that need revising, and he does it well, if mostly one sided.
  He shows us that some grade school kids have nutritious lunches,(Iceland)  served on plates with glass containers for their drink (Non- Coke).  You’ll see how Norwegians have a prison that is designed to change the prisoners concept of crime. (Recidivists are 20%)This is contrasted with our prison in Attica, New York?  Recidivists are 80%) .How about a free University in Slovenia? In Portugal, Drug treatment is 180 degree different than here and a lot more effective.  Try Health treatments in Germany, etc.
These are issues we do not like to see or even hear about, but come on, we’ve got to do better.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


OUR CANAL BOAT IN HOLLAND  from Amsterdam to Sneek.   (All is not roses)
   We had just come up from the Normandy Coast, where it was kind of hot, this being June. By the time we got to Amsterdam it was Damn hot plus a very high Humidity.  We hopped on a ancient two car train, left over from WW2 I believe as it was a traveling antique. Our car, sparsely occupied, had no openable windows as well as no air conditioning. This was not what we had in mind when we signed on for this Holland trip.  This torture went on for about three hours, when we arrived at the Sneek Station, we were released to the exterior, which was not that much cooler, but we could actually breath again.  We called the taxi company on a phone, they picked us up in about 15 minutes, to drop us off at the boat landing, before we let them go we had them drop two of us off at the nearby grocery market so we could load up on supplies for our week long trip. We had asked them to return in an hour, in order to take us back to the  boat. We unloaded, got the low-down on how to run the boat. And I got to  the driving area inside, while the ladies were mostly topside, messing with the lines. However, I noticed we were moving out of our docking area and realized BJ was driving the boat but didn’t really know how.  You can’t drive from both positions so I ran around to the upper position to see what in hell was going on. BJ was happy to be moving so I assisted on making a starboard, then a port turn to extricate us out of port.  This was an expensive boat and with three staterooms, toilets, galley and salon, probably cost around  €100.000,.
And I began to wonder if our insurance covered anything near that.

Our boat, 3 staterooms

Our competition

Collecting tarrif

  These boats have a governor on them so we couldn’t go too fast but we cruised along, thru a couple of bridges that would swing up to let us thru. But when we got to a small town of Bruggeld  there was a guy on the bridge with a fishing pole with a small wooden shoe on it dangling it if front of each boat as we passed.  What the f---  was that all about we wondered, until ignoring him as we passed, he started hollering at us and running down along the canal.  We figured something was amiss, so we pulled over to inquire about the hub-bub. He was the bridge operator and wanted us to give him the €1,40 (They use a comma instead of a period here) required for our passage. This was new to us as it was always free on the French canals.  Again, I was reminded of the old saying “Going Dutch”. 
  Well, since we had already moored, why not run over to nearest market for supplies (Cold Beer, etc.).
We unloaded a couple of bicycles so BJ and I could find a store, but wouldn’t you know it, my front wheel was flat.  Undaunted, I was able to pedale around town even on the flat  until we got to the edge of town, (two blocks?), without seeing a market. It didn’t do any good to ask as not many speak English on these backways. But coming back, BJ hollered out “this could be one”, and it did look a bit different from the usual house so we went in. All we saw in this small room was a meat case. We asked if they had any milk. Sure. How about beer? Of course, the proprietor went into the back and brought a out a couple of six packs of Heineken and a cardboard bottle of milk, After going thru about six items that were all in the back I asked if he had a tire pump. Well, of course he did and brought it out, pumped up my tire. Wow, what a full service place for one disguised as nothing.
  Sometimes there are disappointments. While sitting and sweating on our boat we spied a Utility building across the harbor which had a  sign hung above it ‘Douche” . Well, we all knew what that meant so we donned our bathing suits, fast walked abound to the bridge  , with visions of a cool shower in our minds. When we got to the Douche  sign, it was over a Hose Bibb, about 12 inches above the grass. We looked around and indeed, this was it. To hell with it, cold water is cold water so we managed to get enough water on us , without any buckets or hoses to splash around and give us about ten minutes of cooler lifetime.
   These were only inconveniences, but for a real thriller, our next episode was hard to beat. After a few days in this port of the little town of Elburg, we packed up and moved out.  About the same time a huge rainstorm came on us and I mean huge.  Well, water is no problem for us as we slowly sailed out of the entry canal. Because it was raining so hard I was inside, below, but discovered there was something wrong with the steering.  I did know that there is a small red light on the bulkhead that to  show whether the controls are connected to below or topside. Since it was off, I ran up to the other control and wheel but could not get much response as there is not much rudder action when you are moving slowly in the water.  This would not be much of a problem if we weren’t in the middle of a well  traveled canal with large yachts and other boats motoring in and out of the small harbor.  The wind was moving us around so as to block the channel, much to the chagrin of the other boats.  We all did our best running around on the boats edge in order to fend off bashing into other boats, moored and afloat. It was apparent we were in distress, but it was raining so hard we couldn’t hear much if anyone could speak English.
  Since we were unfortunately at the end of the quai, we weren’t able to jump off and tie up to a bollard. Some one eventually saw our predicament, and ran down the bank to grab one of our lines and pull the bow around so other boats could pass in and out .  We managed all this without damaging any other boat which stills seems miraculous.  As soon as we had secured the boat I ran back to the public phone  (Don’t forget, this was 2005, before cell phones!) and called Home Base and was told the mechanic would be over in about an hour.  It was still morning and he did appear in about half an hour, having driven from a near-by base of the boat company. After investigating  the problem, he said “Oh, this is really simple, this red light was burned out and didn’t  register which control station we were activating’. No shit, Sherlock, is that all?
  After getting all that untangled  we cruised out of the port to our next stop at Kamdem. However, we traversed a couple of Inland Meer’s  which are very shallow but the Dutch dredge the channels to about seven feet deep and mark them all with the red and green buoys to mark your roadway. However, my navigator gave me a wrong turn direction and we found ourselves grounded in about three feet of water, but we are in a huge lake with the shorelines several hundred meters away.  It was a bit intimidating as being that far out, it doesn’t seem possible we are in such shallow waters.  We stirred up a lot of mud with the propeller and hoped we didn’t damage it much.  When we got through hollering and accusing each other, we finally had to get off the boat and push it backward a few meters to deeper water.  What is it about being in the water, we never think about the life jackets until it’s all over.

CANDIDE by Voltaire
   Since I considered myself a Francophile, I was chagrined that I had never read one of Frances most revered authors. After all, we had spent a lot of hours walking along the Seine River on the  Quai de Voltaire, passing his house there in Paris.   So when I saw the book appear at the Graton Post Office (We exchange books there) I snatched it up even though it was a paperback on it’s last days. I taped  the back cover back on  and delved into a pretty extraordinary mind. Written in the mid 1700’s, this could almost be called Science Fiction (Without the Science).  It appears to be a satire of the problems he had with those in authority at that time in France, as he was exiled several times in his lifetime, finally settling in an area on the Swiss border, virtually starting a small town called Ferney.  He naturally makes a lot of fun of the churches and their ministers. But the big surprise were the half dozen drawings by one  Shielah Beckett, illustrating some aspects of the story. Lots of sex!  I assume the drawings were inserted in the 1959 printing of Bantam Books, although they certainly reflect the verse..


  100 Ways America is Scewing up the World. The author, John Tirman, is no lightweight, is executive director of MIT’s  Center for International Studies , so he seems have a pretty good background for all his rants.  Just a fe of the 110 are: Earth’s Climate, Television. Cold War ,Dumbing Toxins, Blood for oil, Nuclear Weapons,  and so on, . But at least he presented 1o0 reasons that we helped the World.

We Americans spend billions a year to invent, produce and deliver Death to thousands of people every year.  I’m addressing only the portion of our Military who hire our Industrial giants that is so successful in pinpointing a particular corner in Iraq  or any unfortunate country that has lots of people who hate the other half.  I’ve heard that most of this death from the sky is controlled in Australia. Is that possible?
 If that is possible, then how about trying this out? Let’s have a program, funded by the Federal Government ( Let’s take 10 Billion a year from the Military budget)  that will design  and develop a system of delivering some kind of water/fire retardant/ stopper directly to the fire line?  Come to think of it, better not use any government entity but hire a  private company like Tesla, who can hire real innovative thinkers, or maybe even some Dutch designers.
  Just imagine the scenario!  A Wild fire reported just outside your city limits!  Call the FEMA folks who are standing by for a disaster  to strike, They fly out their drones, from a giant storage building in central United States to the nearest airport to the fire.  They set the drones up,  activate their infra-red, heat source identification systems,  load them with the magic material (Look, it cost billions of dollars to invent this, right?)  The controleers whip out their Joy Sticks (does this sound dirty?) and go to work.  I suppose some of these drones would be destroyed  as designed when used but larger ones could drop and  re-fill just like manned coppers nowadays, except you might have a better retardant to use,  and not just water or retardant.  We got really good at dropping a linear inferno of Hell upon the countryside in Vietnam, maybe we could utilize some of those scenarios to stop a fire instead of starting them? 

BREAKING NEWS !!    (From 1940)
THIS JUST   IN….  Have you ever  wondered why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941? It must have been a Top Secret note as I have never heard in the last seventy five  years why they did.   A recent story in the Smithsonian Magazine noted that Japans rapacious grab for China plus a couple of bites into French Indo-China resulted in a Western Economic Sanctions imposed on Japan, the most critical being  an oil embargo from the United States.  Also,   Navy brass new that there could be hostilities between us  and the Japanese and had sent out memos to all bases regarding that. I always did wonder how our guns and planes were loaded and ready when we were attacked.

  I had always heard that the French troops were a sorry lot and had no spirit for warfare in the same war and the previous one.  But I am reading a book by a British  secret  agent who spent years in French occupied areas working with the French underground. Heslop’s account in “XAVIER” (his code name)  sheds a quite different light on the courage of the provocatieers, wives and children who led outwardly normal lives but always faced with capture, torture and death by German troops.  There were three groups that were organized during the war: One; German troops, mostly there to thwart invasion in the Mediterranian, Second; An organization of Frenchmen ( Groupes Mobiles de Reserve or GMR) well armed with sufficient training as soldiers , and  Third:  the Milice, from Frenchmen who had little love for the patriots and were very dangerous.  Against these were the patriots or Maquis (Ma Qee),  whosabotaged as much as they were capable,  blowing up trains, tracks, factories, supplied  by air drops from Britain.  If that were not enough, there was always animosity between certain factions of political parties, who were thinking mostly of their role when the Germans were evicted.  This could be very dangerous at times for the Maquis work. (The Gaulists and the Communists).