Saturday, October 21, 2006


Well, here it is election time once again. I’m not sending a letter about it to the Press Democrat this year as they never have printed my letters, anyway.
We Californians are being asked our expert opinion on how to spend 60 billion dollars on several bond issues! What in hell are our legislators doing in Sac? Diddling the pages? Has anyone thought of firing them all and how many billions would that save us a year? Hell, we’re doing all the work.
Virtually unknown to the American masses, there are actually more than two political parties in the United States. As much as we would like to think that our newspapers' sole purpose is to inform us we certainly become political idiots if we are to rely soley on them when it comes election time.
The American voter, (unlike his European counterpart, who demands several viable parties from which to choose) if he can even be motivated to vote at all, seems to be satisfied being spoon fed on Republican/Democrat pablum. Ignoring the main issues that face us: like the tremendous debt of trillions of dollars, some kind of Foreign Policy, being the world’s policeman, the out-of-control drug problems, our massive prison population, welfare abuse, etc., etc., we must know if our candidate is morally fit to represent us and what his abortion preferences are as a good Christian. Yeah, that does a lot of good. Look what happens in the oval office!
This puritanical program neatly sidesteps any real issues before us, so we can sit back in comfort knowing we have elected a Christian saint to lead us (Onward Christian Soldiers!). Then they can pass more laws to modify any behavior patterns they don't like, such as helping us stop smoking, telling us we are too fat or use of our property for "Politically Correct" uses only.
Voters! It may damage your brain a bit but find out what other choices you have. It will actually take a little work on your part to find a candidate that has the same ideas you have on freedom or not so free, from Socialist to Birchers to Libertarians. But stop whining that you don't have a choice. The choice is there, if you'll only make some kind of mental effort.
It wasn’t too long ago that political parties had what was called "a platform". This spelled put the various ideals each party stood for. All you had to do was find the one that fit most of your ideals and vote for the person who represented yours. Now it’s merely a popularity contest to see which Hollywood actor is going to be the most presentable.
As for me, I’ve been happy with the Libertarian platform, although I must admit that I have never ever voted for anyone who had won in all these 20 years or so. All I’m really doing is making a statement that these are my ideals, and I won’t compromise by supporting "The Lessor of only Two Evils". Anyway, ask yourself, who in hell would want to be the next president who would be facing the god awful catastrophe in Iraq?