Saturday, March 03, 2007


I’ve been reading about the controversy of pre-game prayers at high school football games. Hey, why not? The great ball triad; Football, Baseball & Basketball have become America’s new religion. How many new three hundred million dollar churches are being built in every major city in the US? Take a look at these monster covered stadiums with their own shopping malls and their vast acres of parking. Instead enticed spending Sunday at your local church or synagogue, most seekers of truth are now spending their time at the ball-park. When I hear how much these fans (that’s short for "fanatic") pay for the privilege to participate in an exercise in mass hysteria for a few hours, I am absolutely flabbergasted. $50?, $100? Wow! And be sure to take the kids to initiate them into the mysteries of shouting obscenities at the umpires or referees.
I actually heard the religious music "Hallelujah" played as a prelude to a basketball game recently. And isn’t "God Bless America" de rigeur before any game starts?
The clincher came during the Super Bow game where a Christian church enticed their wayward flock with a huge 12' TV (High Def?) Screen in order to get them into the church somehow.
Praise the Lord, and Play Ball!