Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have been observing the reactions of our leaders since the terrible events of 9/11. I also am somewhat perturbed that we have been swept up in a wave of fear that it appears that we are doing exactly what these intelligent monsters had planned as a result of their hideous acts. One only has to watch the fast demise of our airlines due to the restrictions we have burdened them with as a result of our panic to wonder will we eventually accept the fact that these kinds of things can and will happen more and more. No amount of banning knives from airport restaurants, taking away my nail clippers or taking my shoes & belt off will put an end to it. Time only will tell if what the outcome of the war with Afghanistan that the military State of Russia called "Their Vietnam"and our invasion of Saddam’s Iraq will damage our world respect. I believe most our frustration is due to the fact that this "New Kind of War" is against individual groups and not countries. Surely our leaders have been studying this type of warfare for decades and have an intelligent response to it. (Don’t they?). After all, they must have been reading the books and watching the movies long enough to know that such actions are possible and are here and now. Although some of the terrorists are home grown (McVie), too many are religious fanatics who are willing to die for those infinite number of virgins in heaven. How is banning bags and coolers going to affect that Great American Church, The Ball Game? Will we be required to allow a complete body search when we attend our churches? Let’s be careful, yes, but let’s lighten up and alleviate our fears. After all, we are not immortal and are all destined to die, some sooner than others. Meanwhile, let’s not fall into the terrorists’ hand and make it so difficult to do business that we destroy our economy.
Patriot Act!
Freedom Tower!
Homeland Security!
"Yee Haahh!" (Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.