Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Does anyone know that we lost the war (Civil war) in Vietnam? Has anyone projected out a thought of how ‘Nam would be different today if we hadn’t gone in to meddle with the "Noble idea" of staving off the Communist tide? Aren’t they a fairly peacefull country with a Communist government? Maybe the only difference would be the thousands of our soldiers would not have died in vain, to say nothing of the thousands of Asians who died. Of course, we don’t count those, you have to pay some price for Freedom! Or did the huge oil reserves in the nearby Indian Ocean have anything to do with it? Nah. We wouldn’t do anything like that.
Does any of this ring a faint bell? The war (Civil War) in Iraq will soon last longer than the World Wars. Fortunately, we will probably lose no more than five to ten thousand young men & women (plus countless arms & legs) by the time we manage to extricate ourselves out of this mess. By the same reasoning as above, how many more Iraqis will be killed than if Saddam was to continue his cruel regime? Would it be about the same? 100 to 200 thousand souls? "Collateral damage", right?
Let me see if I can 2nd guess our clever, expert International advisers and see exactly how we will be able to leave Iraq. The timing will make no difference. My inadequate understanding of the major problem is the three basic tribes or religions that will have to agree to run the country. The Kurds up north have most of the oil. The rest of this miserable desert is shared by the Sunnis & the Shiites, two branches of the same religion, Islam. ( I’m a little confused by the Kurds faith). How King Bush II plans to get them to agree on anything is unclear to me except to get them all to accept a democratic government and forget they hate each other’s guts.
The only solution I can forsee is to appoint one of the three as a Dictator for life with the proviso that we have access to their oil forever. Also that we must keep our multi million dollar military bases that we built there. Let’s see, Saddam was a member of the Sunnis so maybe we could give the power to the Shiites this time (Or was it the other way?). The first thing they would do would be to kill each other until order was established.
My other and much better solution is to outlaw all religions (Yes, Christianity too!) And share in the oil profits.
But then, sometimes the most obvious solutions are invisible to us.

Brother Lamont