Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm sitting here holding a new copy of my 2nd book, "Education of an Architect". I didn't have to pay thousands of dollars to publish a thousand copies thanks to the amazing world of the internet (thank Al Gore). I can publish one at a time at a cost of $6.00 a copy. I just uplaod a few files, pay for it, & wait a few days before it appears in the mail. Done! But to tell the truth, I have a few glitches to work out, like adding some photos, a cover photo, a format change, etc., etc..
Except now it gets a little hairy. Since there is no actual human being involved in this entire process, except someone in Bangladesch who doesn't quite know what to do, I have to ask some friend if they will help me with their Photoshop to get it together.
However, on the bright side, my C-D is ready and in the mail to a few fortuntate architectural affectionados. Although home made, it pretty much covers the history of architecture, at least my contribution to it.
The absurd political circus is in full swing. I can't get very excited about it as I voted several weeks ago. My vote won't really be effective anyway as I've never had anyone I voted for ever win. One thing I like about the Libertarian Party is sometimes you can vote for ex-prostitutes. I figure their grasp on morals and econonimics to be better than the clowns that are on parade, wanting to be president and inherit a couple of terrible wars with nutty Islamic tribes who are intent on killing each other off.
Whould you want to be president? Jeez.