Saturday, April 25, 2009


My latest book, EDUCATION OF AN ARCHITECT, has been finally published, after a couple of false starts,( like inadvertently leaving out chapter 5, one of the best).
Sex, drugs, Bebop, etc, are all part of the learning experience. Critics say “Smut, pure smut” (At least my wife did). Written at the Willowwood Café (with copious amounts of zindfandel) in Graton. Initial sales will be from there until I have time to get an ISBN number & get it to
Meanwhile, you can also order from me direct, send cash, check or money to :
J.L. Langworthy, PO Box 528 , Graton, CA 95444 ($22 + $2.50 postage).
Remember that my first book, HILLSIDE HOMES, I initially sold for $10, but recently was selling on e-bay & Amazon for $280!
You also have the opportunity to purchase my CD (Windows PC only) for $22. This consists of photos of most of my significant work, consisting of for parts;
About forty residences
Some of my furniture
Forty years of unbuilt projects (Drawings)
My modular housing projects (3D, Components, Panels)

SPEAKING OF BOOKS. I want to recommend a couple that I’ve come across. THE EMPIRE HAS NO CLOTHES by Ivan Eland , who makes a strong case that we have developed into an Empire but refuse to admit it. That we just think it’s our job (Ordained by God) to make every country a democracy whether it kills them or not. Probably only a small percentage of Americans actually support the concept while the rest of us don’t give a shit.
The other book is Jon Stewart’s AMERICA. Like his Daily Show, I actually learned how our government is put together, how lobbyists work (They own it!), all with an incredibly humorous viewpoint. The guys a genius.
Speaking of America, I cannot believe the ads for recruiting by the Army. Have you seen the poor farm boy, all outfitted in his tailor maid uniform with his smashed down beret over his right eye? Hey, I always thought berets were cool and I was glad when I saw our guys sporting them, but these guys look crazy! I’ve also seen photos of our boys home on leave (or in the obituary) with the same kookie look.
And while we’re at it, (Remember this blog began as “Things I Hate”!) What about all our pseudo “Patriots” who drive around with American flags on their vehicles (trucks & cycles) who treat it with total disrespect as they are supposed to take it in at night unless they keep it illuminated. These eventually get all tattered up like a relic from Iwo Jima.
I know it’s a touchy subject, but am I the only person on the planet that has a problem with the design of our flag? Most of all the other nations have cool designs for their flags, but ours is a mish mash of stripes & stars, really complicated due the the adding on process over a couple hundred years. I suppose the best you can say for it is it represents our over complicated method of government (Democracelerosis). Anyway, we are probably out of space to add any more stars(or countries: Iraq? Afghanistan?) to it so maybe it’s time to re-design. (The same goes for our money, but that’s another bitch of mine). Since I’m a doer and not a blabber I set out to redesign it myself. After several sketches & designs I came up with one I thought was pretty simple with just a couple of stripes and one big star. However, when I looked through my encyclopedia on flags, it seems mine was the exact one that Cuba uses (and maybe Texas).
CHURCH GOING. It’s time to bring back temple prostitution, like the Greeks and Romans as well as India had. That should lift up the sagging church attendance, don’t you think? Strictly for the religious experience, mind you.