Monday, April 25, 2011

There are rumors that the Feds are making noises about making a one dollar coin. I was surprised to hear the Feds are looking at the status of our miserable one dollar bill. I didn’t think anyone in Washington was able to come up with a creative thought about our monetary system, anymore. Everyone understands (except of course, the paper lobbyists) that it’s time to change since the dollar has not much value left. It used to be worth quite a bit, but you can’t even buy a lolly-pop with one these days. We already have an ill conceived dollar coin which weighs a ton and is the size of our original dollar coin, which can only be used in a slot machine, if you can even find one. How about this? Design a small coin, like the Euro, that is the size of a nickel. Is it hard to imagine using one at the laundromat, in your parking meters, in vending machines, instead of a pile of quarters? And while you’re at it, how about getting rid of the penney and the mill?
While I’m ranting on my favorite subject (The terrible design of the American Flag is another, but that’s another story) Let’s take a quick look at the undesign of our money. A list of all our currencies looks like a review of some 18th century graphics. (Which it is!). Notice the $2 bill (When’s the last time you saw one?) And it appears the $100 bill is the largest we make, due to out War On Drugs. Also, remember we do have a very large & heavy $1 coin, which is non-existent except for slots in Vegas. What were the minters thinking? Have you ever carried ten of those coins around in your pocket?
The mil, which you engage every time you purchase gas, is also non-existent. It’s called a ”coin of account” on account there isn’t any. Although some states did mint some, of which I have one somewhere. It is a tiny copper penny like object.
In beautiful contrast, look at the Euro in Wikipedia if you’re not familiar with it. There is total rationale in the sizes, colors, designs, etc. They even print a e500 bill, with all kinds of infra red anti-counterfeiting stuff. Their e1 is a coin, made of two metals and very small. However, I am flabbergasted why they mint a penny and even a 2 cent piece. The greater the value, the larger & heavier the coin is. Each one has a different edge so the blind can easily know each one. I assume that’s why the paper money is in different sizes, however subtle.
Before the Euro was introduced, the French, Dutch & Belgiums had clever, beautful money. French currency featured people like Saint-Exupery (Author), The Curies (Scientists) & Victor Horta (Architect). The Belgiums did similar with the likes of Adolph Sax (Inventor of the saxaphone).

THE OIL WARS Ethnic & territorial identity
In devising means to fight terrorists, it would surely be useful to understand the forces that drive them.
Christians have nations (Like the US & Britain, France) while Islam has no borders, just as Jews had none until the Brits gave them part of the Arab lands recently (1947?). And how’s that working out for everyone?
In 1998 Bin Laden published his grieviances in London, which we should review about every ten years of each war..
1. Christians for seven years occupied the lands of Islam (Arabia) with bases to fight Islamic peoples.
2. New Crusaders (Jewish Alliance ) humiliate Muslims.
3. U.S. is serving Jews, Continuation of the Crusades to occupy the lands of Arabia.
This constitutes a declaration of war by the U.S. against God, the prophet & Muslims. Mecca & Medina were in Saudi Arabia, then moved to Iraq & Bagdad.

Well, shit, he missed the whole thing, didn’t he? We had to make sure we had access to the oil there as we can’t drill much in the US as it is too messy. Too bad there were some Muslim hordes spread all over the area.
Oil was discovered by US in 1930 by the US. The Wahhabi’s (House of Saud) appeared about 1700's, but have become the primary “Spokesmen” (Bombers) recently.

With all the time I have to spend on keeping up with the handicap laws, energy codes, fire codes, and all, it does leave much time for an architect to consider such unimportant things like water intrusion, structural failure, site planning and so on. Then, on top of all that , I am informed that with the appearance of “Foodies” in the kitchen, there is a whole new level of knowledge I must research and understand. With Sub-Zero’s dual refrigeration with NASA designed air infiltration or Viking’s Plasma-cluster Ion air purifier filtration system or Liebherr’s bio-fresh technology, I’m falling behind pretty fast. Let’s not forget the the steam oven, the speed oven and the electric Mandolin, indoor grills (George Forman, you should have stayed in the ring!). the $4,000 espresso machine, blenders and juicers, the electric sub-panel for the kitchen alone will be bigger than the meter for an entire house of 1980. And where do we put all these where they will be instantly available to assuage your every whim? The cost? Why maybe you can finance your kitchen appliances separately, just as you would your new car.