Monday, September 12, 2011



Freedom Tower! Ground Zero! Sacred ground. Hallowed ground. Patriot Act! Here we are on the tenth anniversary of the second attack on American soil in 50 years (Remember Pearl Harbor?). But it was a totally different kind of war, this time. A small group of religious fanatics (Muslim) were able to attack the biggest icon of America, incredibly only killing 3000 mem, women & children. Not only did they bring down the two tallest buildings in New York, a nearby 47 story building also totally collapsed, and maybe we don’t even know why. How did the other 40,000 workers escape the holocaust? The Masterminds, who sent these poor suicidal bastards to their deaths (and Paradise of unlimited sex for the rest of creation), could not have dreamed that their work would have such an impact on the American public.
Reacting without thinking, we immediately formed the third largest government agency (Patriot Act), went to war with a country that was not involved with the attack (Iraq) and involved our country in another civil war (Afganistan). Our military advisers, who were still ordering nuclear submarines & aircraft carriers, seemed to be unaware that we the cold war with communism was over 20 years ago, and it was no fun ordering very small groups of Seals around when they had some really big hardware that they kept ordering for their friends in the arms industry. But don’t get me started.
My rant here is about the attitude that the costs be damned, we must fight back by throwing our money around in a totally irresponsible and reckless manner that will be a heavy burden on the workers who will be commuting to the site for the next few decades (the increased fees on bridges & tunnels). Take the most important building, “Freedom Tower” or now called 1 WTC. This is supposed to be the tallest building in US, but only due to the 800 foot narwhale spear on top of it. High rise buildings are generally rated by the top occupied floor, not any spire. And they had to get it up to 1776', is that hokey or what? And why is this the most expensive building? First of all they placed it right next to a major highway, full of terrorists driving 737's around to crash into it with a bomb. So they made the first 65 feet a blast wall of steel & concrete, no rentable space here, with a glass skin of super super fragilistic tempered glass for what reason, to hold back a 737? One of the more important designers on the project was a security “expert” who decreed anti terrorist elements, no matter what the costs were. 3.3 billion dollars.
After wrangling for ten years, 19 public agencies, 2 developers, 33 architects, ended up with a melange of 5 skyscrapers, set in a crescent, which could give some protection to Freedom Tower from an aircraft attack, leaving the original site a memorial park, no matter what the cost. We’ll just buy up the surrounding properties to build the replacement buildings, for a total cost of 11 billion dollars. Of course, you must have a frivolous metro station by Calatrava, already over budget by $1 billion, his trademark, emulating a Brobdingnagian spiney mollusk.
I wasn’t ready for “Flag Day” on 9/11, why don’t we just make Labor Day (An obsolete Holiday) into “Ground Zero” Day? Worse than that, I saw our real heroes, professional footballers, all wearing little bumper sticker ribbons on their uniforms, after, of course, “Amazing Grace” was played for the thousandths tear jerking time. I can understand the terrible loss for the families of all the victims of this new type of warfare, but the rest of the country didn’t know these people, yet we act like “we are family”. Look at the idotic outpouring when the royal Diana got killed eluding papparotsi with a rich lover. I didn’t know her.
We might as well get used to these attacks by simple Muslim youths for the rest of our lives, as they are building new suicide bombers Dailey in their madrassa (schools) throughout the world.
Me? I don’t support the idea of any religion.