Thursday, September 06, 2012


Although I have claimed to be an atheist, I have toyed with the concept of re-incarnation, or the living of multiple lives (Let’s leave god out of this). Otherwise, how do you explain that one kid of six can write his first opera or concerto in contrast to the kid who comes into the world a veritable cretin vegetable.(Maybe he was a vegetable in his previous life ?).  I have always espoused the concept that “Life is not fair” to my kids , but, I’m beginning to believe it really might be fair.
   First of all, we can assume that our life here is merely a play and  we identify with the main character (me) and the idea that each of us wrote our own life score In order to work off the ‘bad’ and good karma. I’ve always believed that ‘Heaven” and ‘Hell’ are nowhere else, but on this earthly plane. In addition, we are really fair in dealing out our rewards (good and bad), no cheating here!.
Aside from all that, I thought I would make a guess of what some of my previous lives were. Let’s follow the concept that each soul (Yes, some entity has got to carry through all these lives) is born (Baby soul) and has to go through all the lives of everything on earth, (Don’t blame me, I didn’t invent this system). It’s hard to know where to begin, but say we start out with being a micro-organism, then a plant, then an insect to fish, bird, animal and finally, man, the grand show!
Now all this could take quite some time, as according to the old Rishi's of India we have to go through 84 Lacs (or 8,400,000 years) until we get to a point we’re ready to get out of here alive. (But not before tossing off our human bodies, which are only good for about 100 years or so).
  I haven’t verified this yet, but if there are 3 million plant species, 2,700,000 insect species, 1,400,000 bird species, 400,000 water creatures and a scad of land animals, like man, I have to get going to get thru all this.
    I thought I would begin this quest as a rotifer, the micro bug that has the only rotating axle in nature.  However, they only live for a few seconds, but we’ve a long way to go. I don’t like worms or snakes so I skip those but I can see myself as a clam or abalone, for say 25 years? If I have to do a reptile , a turtle would be okay as he carries his house around on his back. (First kind of architectural interest).  I can definitely see my ant incarnation, hard working workaholics. Fruit fly? Only takes a few days for a lifetime, but always hanging around someone’s wine glass. Maybe we start as a plant, being a visual organic life (but then, the entire earth is an organic life form that is born, matures with all kinds of virus (Us!) Living on it for a brief period, then it dies) But I digress. What about lichen? Don’t they eat granite? I better leave off this line of thought and get back to my long, miserable, life stream. Anyway, where was I? I would be in the water about now , a couple of million years and  millions of species later,
    I’m probably a good microscopic plankton now, before working my way up to fighting  a giant squid,  for  a battle of life and death as a giant sperm whale (200 years lifespan, unless I lose?). It’s getting messy, as here I am in an animal (air breathing) creature, yet can’t even walk on solid ground.  
   I’m going to take a break from all this and get back to you later.
  And we all thought Franklin and Jefferson were able to convince the French to help us beat the crap out of The Brits in the revolutionary War of 1774 to 1784. Read Joel Richard Pauls’ “UNLIKELY ALLIES” and you’ll find there were three men (well, maybe) who jigged and joggled around the French aristocracy to get money and cannons to us when France didn’t exactly want it known they were helping us as they had just signed a treaty with Britain after losing the Seven years war. Silas Deane, a Connecticut merchant and member of congress was sent to persuade the King to help us with war materials and officers. Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, an inventor and playwright (he wrote “The Barber of Seville”) and the unlikly Chevalier d’Eon, a diplomat, soldier and sometime spy who may or may not been a woman.
History is soo entertaining!

“Dangerous Beauty”, 1998, (with Rufus Sewell, who played an Italian inspector in  ‘Z”). Jacqueline Bisset teaches her daughter how to be a successful courtesan after she figured out a convent wasn’t for her. A plethera of nipples, lots of tits and a couple of fine asses!