Thursday, August 22, 2013

If you find the following stuff strangely writen, it wasn't me. I just downloaded DRAGON, a voice recognition program. I can't get the punctuation & paragraphs yet & sometimes it gets weird. I was talking about penneys which it read as “panties”. Dirty Mind!

The burning question of the hour is: was Socrates literate? after all he didn't seem to write anything. Wasn't it all the stuff that Aristotle wrote after Socrates was dead?

Another thought; You don't have to fill up the space all around you with words. For it's already filled up with nothing.

The US is the most developed country still hanging onto credit and debit cards with those silver magnetic stripes. The rest of the world has switched to smart chip-based cards. You might as well write the credit info on a postcard as everything on it can be easily copied . As it is, it costs us billions each year.
This smarty card can't be copied as they contain a microchip that can only be unlocked with the right key, also that cannot be duplicated. Don't despair, there are moves to swap cards in a few years maybe in 2015.
What is what is it about us that we can't keep up with the rest of the world are payment industry is locked up in a chicken and egg quandary stores have little incentive to install new readers for smart cards if banks above viable banks don't issue them and banks won't issue them because stores will accept them. Stop
well so much for getting the job done in protecting the consumer since we're on the subject of dysfunctional that may rant a bit about our money problems most of us have never seen are one dollar coin. I see that the Canadians have finally done it do they call it the loony. Surprise! We have two. As a matter of fact, we have 2.4 billion of them stored in giant bunkers. Your legislators can't understand what the problem is. I mean we've tried Susan B Anthony, Sacajawea, John Adams, but golly, we just don't like carrying around a heavy coin. Never mind that the entire Europe has had no problem with it (no and gladly use a one dollar coin of course there seems to be one small caveat here, these coins weigh about as much as a nickel which. Our nickel is not made of metal coating made of different metals and using a computer generation design. I just about lost it when we came out with our new line of quarters, each new one had a different crappy design for another state on the back. I'm sure the American (read bad taste) public was really exited excited about all the bra-ha about it,
but I'm sure the vending machine, laundromat operators, don't think it is such a great advantage in our monetary policy. Let's get rid of a few things, like It costs two cents to make a penny and $.11 for each nickel. Sounds like langworthy economics . When it gets to a point where I won’t pick up a coin on the street, it’s time to rethink some policy here. About now, I have to think a while before I pick up a nickel.

They finally did the unthinkable. They dropped one of the four original events, wrestling.
Even the marathon is seen only at the beginning and finish in the Stadium. Look how popular the stupid sport of couples ice dancing is. Next thing you know they'll have the new hide and seek games. These can take place in the Stadium as long as you can erect some good hiding places like trees, old sheds, etc.

Remember Chernobyl? 25 years ago they frantically cobbled together a sarcophagus to contain the wreckage to contain the danger. We haven't heard much recently but a French construction company is building a huge steel rainbow to cover the whole mess for the next 100 years, funded by a consortium of 29 ANSI countries to the tune of 2.1 billion. It will be the largest movable structure ever built, put together of prefabricated sections off to the side and it will be jacked 300 meters sideways to cover the mass, then using built-in robots they will dismantle the reactor, & hope to finish in 2014.

I always wondered about the title of Brando's movie “ One Eyed Jacks”, one of my favorites. Someone said it's a card game, but I like the idea that it's from the kids game of jacks. If you play the game with one eye closed it is more difficult to pick up the jacks between the ball bounces. To further my research, it seems to be an ancient game of Greek or Roman origin, not only that but it was called “ knuckle bones” as it was from a sheep ankle bone around1200 BC.

They finally have a TV station for dogs. dog TV will only cost your dog five dollars a month but you will feel better about leaving him all day without some entertainment. I say just get reruns of American Idol that would put him about on the same brain level as humans.

E pluribus unum plumber
Next time you see your plumber make sure he understands that the name is Roman plumbum. As they ran water to those Romans in all those lead water pipes around, it eventually poisoned and killed off the Roman Empire. Nowadays. Plumbers try to kill you with their billing.