Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21, '15

April 21, 15

  like myself, most of you have read about people changing their sex. I've always been a little confused about what that really meant. I remember the first one, Christine Joergenson, who changed from a guy to a woman in some scandinavian country.  I always wondered exactly what did He?she do ?  Recently, it has come up due to Snowden or some whistleblower and someone associated with someone famous. So you can imagine my excitement when I was reading "Bangkok 8" ( by John Burdett) and it was a principle part of the plot,  This may not be true but you might as well take my word for it as it sounds realistic. There is a the Charmabutra Hospital, twenty stories high, in Bankok that specializes in this procedure. 
   The author claims Bangkok is the capitol of penis transplants due to the many jilted wives in Thailand who feel that cutting off the wayward dick will solve that problem (Looks like it would to me!).  Anyway, the bottom line is that it's easier to change a penis into a vagina than the other way around as the reconstruction of that Vorpel sword is still in it's infancy. He claims that they do 1000 changes to every one hundred in the West. (And I thought only a few did this over the year). South Africa does a lot of dick reconstruction due to a plethora of botched circumcisions.
  So vaginoplasty  begins by cutting off the penis & balls, turning the correct skin into a hole so that it might function like a normal vagina. He claims all men have the space for it.  I find this hard to believe!   Anyway, that' s not all of it.
They have to be treated with drugs, psychiatry, hormone injections, et all to get the full effect. A women's voice has to be higher, therefor the Adam's apple is shaved a bit to tighten it up. Don't forget to slip in a couple of perfect saline inserts for your perfect breasts, (No silicone, please). Learn how to sashay around a bit and you're good to go. I think you can get this done for about $6,000 in Thailand,

  Let's talk about Natural drugs. From my early days of experimentation with Halucigenics,  I came to the conclusion that if you kept to Natural drugs, e.i. Peyote and  Mushroom , you would be better off in the long run. My theory is this; With natural drugs, you pay (read hours of major nausea) before you get high or an  altered consciousnous, but with chemical doses (LSD, etc) you bypass the sickness part, but wait!  You make up for it afterwards, but unknown to you, it affects your poor brain in ways you dont notice. The AmerIndians didnt seem to have many mental problems after using Peyote for hundreds of years, but how many nut cases have I seen due to a long usage of LSD? (You can  check my first wife, for one).  Some people are going to have a bad trip, but at least they are working it out at the source, and not later on, unbeknown to them, as they dont relate their problems to earlier doses of a chemical.

  Designed by the Norwegian Architect, Snohetta, One side consists of brilliant colors in a  wonderful abstract form, while the other side contains photos of various activities that are extant in the country.

  Being an old Beatnik/ Hippie/ my Jazz roots go way back and I certainly remember Clark Terry, an outstanding trumpeter, among other talents. As he grew old he began teaching other young Jazz men, such as Quincy Jones, and was certainly influential to Jazzmen like Miles, etc.
This documentary revolves around a young blind piano player who became tight with Terrry as he was dying of old age. Justin Kauflin  was a contender in a Theolonious Monk contest in New York  but but failed to win. However, there is enough piano by Justin to satisfy us all as he is phenomenal. Terry died in 2014 at the age of 93, but before that happens, you'll experience the great love between the two musicians, and maybe, even a tear or two may escape from your hardened heart.