Sunday, February 21, 2016


If there’s one thing I hate, it’s our political system.  They’re doing the thing in Iowa, New Hamp.  and other states which seems to have something to do with who will be our next President. (Think Trump with Sarah Palin!),   I called upon my close sources (Google) to clarify what in hell is going on.  You see, in my day, each Party had a convention when all the politicos got together, got  drunk, and had a hell of a monstrous party, and nominated one of their lessor criminals to represent them against the other party, who did the same. It’s always better to be a senator or such as you don’t seem to have to go to work for the next year, until the election is over. Anyway, a caucus is a bunch of people arguing ,waving around, then taking a hands up vote, then giving it to the ‘Delegates to carry on. There are about a dozen states that do the caucus bit and the rest do closed primary, semi-closed primary, open primary and semi-open primary. Well, I was going to give you a rundown of all the ramifications of this fucked up system (which by the way, is not considered or supported in our Constitution)  but I got lost in the morass of irrationality and I just give up.
There are some actual issues to be addressed other than abortion,  for instance ,  here is what the Libertarians think is important;
Gay marriage, Cannibus Legality, End  War on Drugs, Gun control, Police accountability, Anti-Surveillance, International Wars, Economic & Fiscal Issues,  Government Debt, Taxation,  Free Marketplace, Open & Inclusive Political Process,  Poverty, Alternate Currencies (Bitcoin, etc.),  Voter ID,  Problem of only Two Parties.  Immigration.
Anyway, it’s Martini time. I’m outa this blog today.

Back on the job with a ;
Try QUEEN OF THE SOUTH by Arturo Perez-Reverte. From the Drug Lords of Sinaloa (El chapo, Batman) to the European Drug kingpins, this little gal became the Top Dog in drug running from Morocco to Europe. A true story (more or less) but will keep you on the edge of your page. South refers mostly to Spain and Gibraltar. Shipping cocaine by the ton!

NOT FORGOTTEN MODERN                


Just had word that one of my 1960’s work of art (House to you) has been designated for exceptional and outstanding historic design integrity. Located in the hills of Laguna Beach (1968 San Remo Dr.) it was called “The water tank” and was one of the first houses to cause a law suit with the neighbors because “it didn’t look like a house”. Well, you can’t have everything, you know.

Along the same lines I see one of the Eagles Band has died. I gave them an early start as I hired them for a concert- fundraising for my “Citizens Town Planning Assoc.” in Laguna Beach in the ‘60’s. As usual with Langworthy Economic Projects, hardly anyone showed up and we lost about $10,000.  I formed our group to fight a Freeway that was being planned through the heart of Laguna. We somehow prevailed and I believe we were the first to stop a freeway from ripping the heart out of a town. Later, the San Francisco Embarcadero freeway suffered the same fate.

For those of you who will be traveling to Europe, dodging Islamic Terrorists, you will probably be renting a car between Train trips. You will unconsciously put gasoline into a Diesel car and I want to assist you on “ what the fuck do I do” scene.  Now I’ve been to Europe many times and rented many Fiats and Peugeots but only once have I gazed up a diesel engine. Hopefully, you will come to your senses before filling up the tank with gas and can top off with diesel like I did. I can tell you not to worry if you’ve only but about a third of a tank into the diesel, as it will run as long as you keep topping up with diesel every chance you get. But last week I read a bit by Click & Clack about doing this. They say that putting diesel in a gas engine the car will go a few miles and stop dead, so when the gas is used up, the engine can’t combust the diesel fuel.  It will cost about a grand to clean out all the lines, etc.
  And putting gas in  diesel can be just as bad as the diesel is also a lubricant so the engine starves the fuel-injection pump of lubrication. Also due to different combustion properties, the gas detonates too early in a high compression diesel and can cause a lot of miss-firing so you may have to change some parts as well as purge it all.  But from my experience, and as the Brit who pulled into the station at the right time said “I say, we used to put a bit of the gas into our diesel up in Alaska to keep it from freezing”. With that , we rolled on to Nantes without any problems except a speeding ticket which arrived a month later back home. Watch out for those damn automated speed traps!

Our politicians are tossing around terms like three Trillion, etc. as if it is not a large number.  I decided I should get some idea of how much that is. A trillion dollars is a shit load of dough.  If you spent 10 million a day for 273 years that would be one Trillion. That is an incomprehensible number.
A million is equal to a thousand thousands (1,000 x 1,000)
A billion is equal to a thousand millions (1,000 x 1,000,000)
A trillion is equal to a thousand billions (1,000 x 1,000,000,000)
For a really good visual of all this go to
 Or even better:
Which brings me to my favorite Things I hate”.  Most of us haven’t noticed that our Federal Gov’munt has stopped making all our currency probably due to some misguided  aspect of the “  War on Drugs”. Our Drug Tzars  , in all their wisdom, and screw us citizens, has determined that the drug pushers ( Let’s not talk about the Big Pharm here) would stop buying drugs if all they had was $100 bills to deal with. Well, hell, all we have to do is print up zillions more $100 bills to make up for the lack of larger currency. (This scam was probably thought up by the money paper industry).  It wasn’t that long ago (well, maybe it was) when I was a builder in Covina that my client, the inventor of Go-carts, paid me every two weeks in cash with four or five $1,000 bills (I was also the Contractor). That was sometimes a problem when I took my grubby crew to Clifton’s Restaurant and had no small change. (Do you have change for a thousand? See my book “Education of an Architect for the fun details).
And why does the United States always have to be at War? The War on Poverty, The War on Drugs . How about a War on War?
Also notice we always have Tzars in charge of it all? 

I knew I wasn’t the only out there who cannot, will not , be a party to the bane of my life “called “Valentine’s Day”, the Prostitute of Holidays,  where every poor guy is sucked into a HUGE GUILT TRIP until he spends a lot of his hard earned cash on his significant other.  I’ve just come across a Website called “Ban Valentine’s Day”!  Yes, there are other souls out there who can see thru the flimsy pseudo love of the commercialized version of love.  Several countries have actually banned celebrating the damn day (Russia, Iran, Malaysia, etc.)  Some High Schools in U.S. have banned it also. Hurray for our side !!  I have just found out that there is a Special Hell for guys who do not Kow-Tow to the miserable gift giving to someone. I think it’s called “ Saint Valentine’s Purgatory” where you spend the rest of your miserable after-life buying gifts for people you hate. So, join me and go to Facebook and find the “ Petition to ban Valentine’s Day” of Scott Manning.