Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Let's look at the basic idea of meditation, a system of self-improvement for millenniums, mostly in the East (India). It's goal is to change our awareness from the external world to the unknown
World of our inner self (Overself?).Looking at the old analogy of the carriage (body) powered by a horse (Mind), controlled by the reins,(Intellect)  controlled by the driver, (The Real You, Overself, etc).
When Mel Brooks Dr. Frankenstein wanted to give life to his re-built human, he wisely used the heavenly lightning & thunder to re-animate his work. Is this an analogy of the light & sound that animate all humans and living things? It has been suggested that the body works on an electrical system and the pineal gland , buried deep in the center of the skull for protection, is the receptor of "The force", Luke.
    After reading several books about Near death 'experiences" ,I am encouraged to assume we have an entity that continues after the death of our miserable body.  These are particularly amazing as most of the descriptions of folks leaving their bodies (briefly) are too similar  to what all the great teachers of Spirituality (Not religion) have been saying for many millenniums. 
   It also seems that all these correspondents never are able to stay out of their body more than a few minutes, whether they are in a hospital or hurtling through space in a car wreck. This is probably a good idea as the body can suffer permanent damage if the brain and heart stop more than a few minutes. The first one to write about these experiences was a Dr. Kubler-Ross,  who interviewed her patients who had suffered a 'Code Blue?.  Since then, there have been an amazing number of books published in a similar manner.
  I , myself, In the early days of Scottsdale, Arizona, have found myself up against a ceiling , looking down on the body of Lamont Langworthy,,more surprised than anything, until I wondered how I was going to get back into it. While I was there , stuck on the ceiling , I noticed my girlfriend, usually a beautiful Hawaiian lass, had morphed into a six foot parrot type bird, sporting a full regalia of bright feathers.  Needless to add, I automatically found myself back inhabiting my good 'ol body, to continue our ancient Indian Peyote experience.  

Mary Shelly is totally different than Mel Brooks, and her system of re-animation was pretty well sidestepped, though . She had Dr. Frankenstein built his monster from scratch, not just stitching  a few big pieces together, but using bones, sinews and various organs to build her creation, and she made him large, eight feet tall, because he was working with such small pieces, it was easier to build it larger. Unfortunately, he neglected to consider that the creatures brain had no morality portion, ergo the rampant murders that resulted afterward.

Although I believe there are few of my blog followers (blog-ites?) Who are happy to see our new president Trump, the rest of you can be assured that half of the voting public of the U.S. Believe he is the one to '" Make Us Great" again. Be assured, that history has shown that our particular type of government (Republic) only last about two hundred years (Greece, Rome, etc.). TIMES UP! 

Moliere -  Most of us Americans know very little of the French authors and play-rights except for Dumas (Musketeers), Voltaire, etc. But if you really want to be entertained, see this loose rendition of hIs life.  He was famous in the 17th century for his Comedies and Farces . The French King had the good sense to give Moliere a small theatre to perform with his troupe but he always wanted to do a tragedy. The movie does manage to bring a tear or two to your eyes in the end.

  I’m going to retire from contracting jobs (of my design) as at 86 it's getting to be too much for me. I find myself waking up at 1:00 AM to work out some small detail or another. I've got better things to at that time of nite. I'll keep my license, however, as my son, a contractor in Oregon, may want to use it. I've been licensed since 1964 originally under the name of "MASTER BUILDERS, INC.". Which I lost years ago when the contractors license board forgot to send me an invoice. I could have sold the name for a small fortune, otherwise.

One of my favorite movies is "One Eyed Jacks" but over the years I've been stymied about the meaning of the title. At first I thought it had something to do with the child's game of 'Jacks' played with one eye closed, but lo and behold, I recently discovered the movie was based on a book titled "The Authentic Death of Hendry jones'  AKA 'The kid'. Marlon Brando directed & starred in the movie with Karl Malden as Dad Langworth (No relation) a double dealing partner turned Sheriff. Needless to say, ‘the Kid’ got his revenge for double dealing, unlike the book, where he got killed in the end.  Turns out, the name is from a card game 'One Eyed Jacks', as the Jacks only showed one eye in those days, signifying a double cross.

Medina (Now 50 yrs old) & 2CV

 Why would anyone in their right mind buy a Citroen 2cv (Du Cheval) , especially when he lived in a wonderful house 'On top of the World" in Laguna Beach.?  an earache about a thousand feet above Laguna Beach town. Especially when the primitive machine , although in seemingly good condition, had been fixed with a Rolls Royce hood? It took me a few weeks to find an original hood (I can't imagine where I even found one), which was not all that difficult to replace as all the doors, hood, trunk, etc. are only hinges with a turn over of the sheet metal, requiring only to open it up fully, then slide it sideways to take it off. No tools required. The 2CV was France's answer to the post-war problem as Italy, England, Germany and Japan all responded with their version of "The cheap People's Car".  But driving up the long, twisty road up to our Pad was a tortoise experience for all the cars that had to follow me to the top as there was no turnouts on the way, my infant daughter, Medina, was on the floorboards in her basket next to the noisey air cooled three cylinder engine, screaming bloody murder all the way. Why is it we only remember those rare moments in life?

Langworthy House on Top of the World
   My house on Top of the World house  was my interpretation of an old Spanish Hacienda,  with all the rooms surrounding a courtyard. In addition, I used hand  made Adobe blocks from Ensinada that had an emulsifier added to the straw and urine to make it kind of waterproof. Most of the roof consisted of emerald colored corrugated plastic, the balance corrugated cement-asbestos . It turned out not to be the quick selling model I imagined but I moved in for a couple of years to make payments until our neighbors, Lucy & Ted, a couple of Ancient Greek Scholars next door bought it. Actually, they were not ancient, but merely were involved in translating Greek documents found at Herculaneum. Buried under tons of pumice from Vesuvius.

As a matter of fact, I ended up owning some of those other experiments as in transportation; My first Volkswagen was one of the first sold in the U.S. In 1954, remember the one with he rabbit ear turn signals, no gas gauge, etc.?   I first encountered them in post war Tokyo, where they were used as Taxis, if you can imagine, as we had to crawl over the front seat to get in the back.
There so few of us on the road, we would flash our headlights to signify we also were one of the exclusive nuts to own one. Service? Even few and further between. If your mechanic needed a part, you had it sent on a Greyhound bus as this was before FedEx days.
Or later, the first Honda '70 N600, another air cooled baby that used their motorcycle engine in a passenger car., Or how about the first Datsun sold here, I bought a small wagon type that still had a curved roof form reminiscent of Japanese  Toras. I guess they became Nissan? 

The Prince by Peter Constantine
I've had a distorted view of the man Nicolo Machiavelli all my long life but after reading 'The Prince I've had to revise my image of him. He was a confidante and employee of The Medicis in 15th century Firenze, and this book is about how Princes (Incontrast to Kings), should act when running a country. In those days, each city was an entity in itself, like a small country. My image of him as even one of dark double dealer,  a veritable ‘One Eyed Jack’, sets down how a ruler should respond to various concerns regarding all the Dukes & citizens. He was able to play both sides of various scenarios with equal measure, some with abject cruelty, others with benign concern. I you ever want to be ruler over a lot of people, I highly recommend this small document to assist you in our despotic or benign ruling of the masses.(Got that, Trump?).

If you want to be depressed, view this really interesting description of the state of our miserable affairs due to the runaway debt we have gotten ourselves into,  See I.O.U.S.A.  We're talking Trillions here but about his time we might have to start thinking in Quadrillions (Is that the correct term?)
Full of clips of all our presidents and how much each one of the added or subtracted to this unmanageable mound. Strangely, Clinton was about the only  one able to reduce it to  any degree..

  If you're not depressed enough after seeing the above, read Jane Mayer's book DARK MONEY. What is really depressing to me is that one of the wealthiest guy in the world started the Libertarian Party!  And also fund the John Birch Society about the same time, Don't forget, that was the party that was trying to get Big Government off our backs plus reduce the income taxes. Charles & David Koch (pronounced Coke) This is a detailed and well documented history of how they gathered together other overly wealthy and lay a track bound for power in order to reduce their taxes and  other ideas. Super Pacs, Think Tanks, Academia, they invented the concept of "tax-deductible "philanthropy" which allowed them to funnel scads of only to the politicians and to put away in their pocket. The author traces the Byzantine trail of the billions of dollars spent by their network and provides vivid portraits of the colorful figures behind the new American Oligarchy.  Surprisingly, such companies such as Amway are part of the problem as they can give 20 million dollars to their non-profit in order to avoid taxes. Can you imagine that giant oil companies make a much as 10 Billion in a quarter of a year. Let's see, doesn't that add up to about 40 Billion a yearin profits ?? Nobody would want to have to pay taxes on that would they ?

clock at D'Orsy, Paris

 Burning question of the hour.
Why do people still buy watches? Other than me, I mean, as I need to know what time it is once in a while. Are they trying to keep alive the last vestige of  analog life? It must be something to do with jewelry? Why else would you pay $5,000 for a piece when you have the correct time (from an atomic clock) on your ever present I-phone.

IT ALL BEGAN when women didn't like the idea that men had their own Manhole. It wasn't' exactly like them using the Men's toilet but they had to get all our MANHOLES changed to PERSON HOLES. And while you’re at it, change all other references to the poor oppressed Male. Thanks to Woe-man.

I was only 10 years old when the Japanese (Japs) did their sneak attack on our Pearl Harbor, killing about 3,00 of our military. Amazingly, it took me but 70 years to find out why, and I was very surprised that ‘ol demon OIL was the cause. It seems to have been a response to a United States-led oil embargo that would have devastated the Japanese Empire. although why it would, I have't been able to uncover what that was all about, except I always had a snaky idea myself, that there was more to it than we were informed.

I See the black folks are now not left out of the White Man' Christmas as they can now celebrate Kawanza. I've always wanted to know exactly what type of celebration they participate in so I finally had to google it. I guess they have not been able to blend in as this non-religious celebration was invented by Dr. Karenga in 1966 so black folk don't have to assimilate and sit around celebrating some white boys birth or worse, Just what is it that Jews celebrate? . But what do they do to participate? Have a jitterbug contest?

  I?m girding up for another goofy New Year's Eve, but don't get me wrong, I'm ever happy to see another coming around, as, at my age, you always wonder if there you will see another. But really, how did we get to such a low point as getting all excited offer a huge expensive 'BALL' be let down a flag pole? Even the tiny town of Graton has their own now.  Well, count me out, as I really believe in a spherical earth and know there are 24 time zones, and each one will have its' own mid-night celebration. I assume someone by now has figured out how to travel around the world and catch all 24 of them but that would really require some hustling. I'm just trying to avoid the one here in Sebastopol and that's not so easy. However, I ave figured out my own program as Joy & I celebrate the new Year with the Parisians, which occurs about nine hours earlier here and gets me in bed at my usual time .

Don't make me laugh ! That will never happen as long as the United States is the world's largest supplier of weapons to kill one another.  That number, $40 Billion, represents one half of all weapons produced in the world, peryear ! Yikes !!