Thursday, December 11, 2014



  We've al seen a lot of news about the Ebola plague  in the recent outbreak in West Africa, but have you read about what it actually does to you?  Maybe I can throw some light on this gruesome subject.
It begins with a runny nose, headache, flu symptoms. Then, probably you die. (50 to 90%).
The first outbreak was in Marlburg, Germany in 1967. The Behring Works , a pharmacetical company, imported monkeys from Africa,and killed them for experiments. but two workers were somehow infected. Thirty one people eventually caught the virus, but only seven died. (one in four kill rate). The virus ran it's course, then died out. They named it :"MARLBURG VIRUS".
   1976.  Southern Sudan. Mr. Yu G. , Contracted the Virus (no one knows how), Days later his co-workers started to die. Massive hemorrhaging from all orifices, of the body. It jumped from person to person in Sudan. When it got to the major hospital, with all the hemorrhaging going on, the entire  staff left it, which was  the best thing that could happen, as they were using dirty needles over and over.
Some of the patients suffered from major mental derangement. Some tore off their clothe, ran
 into town, looking for their homes.  This SUDAN EBOLA Ebola kills 50% of patients, Then thee virus disappeared, after about 300 people died.  a few months later, however, the virus erupted in Zaire. virus attacks every organ and tissue small bloodclots appear, the blood thickens and slows, this shifts the blood supply to various organs, such as liver, kidney, intestines, testicles breast tissue. Every opening in the body bleeds, The tongue surface sloughs off and is swallowed or spat out. eyeballs may fill up with blood, you may go blind. the liver bulges up and turns yellow, begins to liquify, then dies. the kidneys become jammed with blood clots and dead cells, and cease functioning. The intestines may fill up completely with blood.  The  lining of the gut sloughs off into the bowels and is defacated with large amounts of blood . Naturally, this makes the patient go into seizures and convulsions as he dies, spreading blood all over the place. Who do you get to clean it up if you know it is Ebola?
  The next outbreak was in Jan. 1980.  A Mr. Monet was brought into the hospital in Nairobi after flying a commercial flight from his town. You didn't want to be his seat-mate as he was throwing up part of his intestines and handed it to the stewardess (this was 1980). He was examined by a Dr. Musoke, during which, Monet threw up all over the doctor with a black vomit.. Not good!
However, contrary to everything you have heard, with everyone walking around in sterile space suits, The doctor survived.!   This has become known as the MUSAKE strain of EBOLA Virus.
  the next outbreak was kind of peculiar, as it did not kill any humans, only thousands of Rhesus monkeys. in 1983 in Reston, Virginia, an  another pharmaceutical co. who use these close friends of humans (along with Hamsters) as they are the closest to humans.  A shipment of a couple of hundred monkeys from the Philippines came down with a disease, which turned out to be Ebola virus. This naturally freaked out anyone involved with these monkeys.  Of course, research showed they came from Africa, near Lake Victoria. After the Army was called in and all the monkeys were killed, it was determined  that (1) they transmitted the virus thru the air. Good! , (2) This strain of RESTON EBOLA was not transferable to humans. Whew!.
  Okay, you've got a headache and  you begin to feel listless?  Don't call me!


   A few years ago, 
I finally got a job that would be my 'Piece de Resistance, my '"Swan Song",  I was pretty excited, to say the least. They were a middle aged couple, from Silicon Valley reserves, who wanted a creative house. But I should have known, he was a Texan, she from Britain. But they had purchased a good site, with room for about 5 acres of grapes.  overlooking Dry Creek Valley.  Design and contract Documents went smoothly, and we had a good General Contractor (Calletti) , under contract with a negotiated cost (His bids of all sub-contractors plus a percentage of construction cost for his Profit & Overhead. ) . I even designed a separate building for the racket-ball court, something all executives had to have at the time. This house had three kitchens, three bars. A secret door in bookcase to a floor safe, to mention only a few of the goodies.  Construction went well until the "Inferior Desecrator" turned up along with a young Landscape Architect.  Ms Green had some really 'swell' ideas about how to finish the interior of this 4,000 square foot essay of triangular space. After I had already spent a great deal of time already doing that. We did not get along. We did not need her. I did not like her. Much to my dismay, the owners wanted her concepts (Zero) over mine (magnifique!) for the entire house. Example; The kitchen and Dining Room floors were to be black, split slate, except the area under the dining table and chairs, where the slate would be smooth in order to have a level place for chairs. She used  the current fashionable  bamboo flooring, but worse, stained it all dark!   Okay, enough about her, I'm getting ill just thinking about it.


  Meanwhile, on the exterior , Mr Balcerak, is wreaking havoc with my hardscape design on the site. Unbeknown to this guy, the entire project was a carefully considered design of 45 degree angles ,naturally extending out to the gardens, walks, pool, etc.  Added to the mix, there were a lot of steps giving off to various levels.  In other words, what I had envisioned as a Tour de Force, was turning to a Tower of Shit!  In my past projects, I would always guide the Landscape Architect in the selection of planting material, but they usually understood the concept of my hardscape design. Although we're talking about a 3 million dollar house here, the owners also opted to dismiss the General Contractor and hire their own carpenter to finish it, fortunately after the steel and EIFS exterior wall was finished. I settled my fee with them in Arbitration, the first time in my 50 year career. And I have not been inside since it was finished (or trashed?) I am a sore loser.
To express the emotions of life is to live.
 To express the life of emotions is to make art.
 They dont make them like that anymore. In the nineteen twenties, two brilliant women published a monthly intellectual magazine called The Little Review which published all the really Avant Garde writers and poets of the time.  Were talking  T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, James Joyce, and the likes. Jane Heap and Margaret Anderson (I am no mans wife, no mans delightful mistress, and will never, never, never, be a mother),   concentrated on publishing what its editors found worth publishing.
On one occasion when the editors decided that literature was temporarily moribund, there appeared a sixty-four page blank number prefaced by an announcement that there was nothing fit to print.