Saturday, January 10, 2015



Whenever I visided Italy and noticed how suave  the Policia looked, I soon discovered their uniforms were designed by Armani.  No wonder they look so cool. Who thought that up?  It brought to mind the concept that someone in San Francisco actually had a designer create a nifty outfit for the Cable Car operators, with their cool berets and all.  With that in mind, let’s consider the plight of the miserable Postal employee.  Unfortunately, someone did give some thought to their outfits as they are the worst uniforms on the planet.  They couldn’t even get the short pants right, as they look really weird. I do have to give a nod to the Pith helmets they sometimes wear, but it is the only item that works. Any chance we could call in Versach or Armani  to dress them up a bit before the entire Post Office goes broke? Better hurry.

Each year astronomers find more potential planets that could support life like ours so we could make a really long distance call to discuss the “Meaning of it all”.  But I wonder if they are considering  what stage of life the planet in question is in? Look at our Earth (The planet Dirt); It’s already about 4.5 Billion years old, but life didn’t occur until about 650 Million years ago, and thinking beings,(with free will) only about one million years ago. However, with all our technological know how, we will probably be able to survive the next ice age in 15,000 years. But lets face it, when the earth dies in about another two billion years, we will have to give it up long before that.
   What I’m getting at, is just where in a planets life are these newly discovered ‘Goldilock’ Planets in their life cycle? Just born? Old age? Or just right for humanoids or thinking folks to be shuffling around as we are?  If they are all like Mars, not much chance for a meaningful discussion, is there?   There might be in a couple of billion years, though.
  Speaking of stages of being. If we look at a planet as a living entity,e.i., it is born, matures to foster life forms, then dies of old age , kind of sounds like one of us doesn’t it? Give or take a few billion years. Consider; How does a fly think about the incredible life span of a human/ Also, we can ask; ”What is the purpose of life on other planets?  They could be all Muslims, for all we know.

We seem to have a real problem ending the life of really de-ranged people  , so when I was re-reading some of my East Indian chronicles I came across a memorable chapter in the British Military in dealing with the Indian mutineers after the” Great Mutiny”around 1850.  They assembled all the soldiers and civilians in a large field, tied several ring-leaders of the mutiny onto the muzzle  end of large cannons, and blasted them into oblivion.  There were no call backs, in fact, there were hardly any bodies left, except for pieces of body parts ending up on some of the civilian crowds. ( But that’s what we would now call ‘collateral damage’).  It’s time to stop coddling our criminals and really get serious about the end game. Let’s be sure to use the old fashioned , muzzle loading cannons so the ‘End of Life’ is fully experienced as the culprit gets to watch as the match is lit to light the fuse.  You won’t need a doctor to see if the fellow is dead, even if you could find a body.  However, you will need a large field as the ball may travel hundreds of yards.

On a lighter vein, I enjoy the comic cartoon of Bizzaro and when he did a number about a couple looking for all the great reasons for a mate, then happily walked out with a dog and a cat for each of them.  And why do most Americans and all Frenchmen have pets? Unconditional love!   What that means is love is extended from one being to another, but without any reservations.  As you have experienced, love is a great circle with the other side hatred. It can change from one to another in  an instant. “I love you dear, but I just had an affair with this beautiful person” and bang! It’s all over.  Hatred rears it’s ugly head instantly, and is not easy to completely erase the event.  Of course, this is an exaggerated event, but even small things can be a real problem for a while, and eat away at us until we say “I love you more than anything in the world, but we’re getting divorced, you bastard!”  then the two love-birds jockey for position over the dregs of a long and convoluted union, or maybe one of them just shoots the other .
   But….a liitle puppy or kitty will forever love you no matter how you treat them, at least if you feed them on a timely basis.  I’m beginning to understand why our super markets have as much food as for your cats & dogs, You’re just feeding them along so you can kick them around whenever they crap or throw up on your carpets. Why, you will spend a tremendous amount of money to keep the little shits alive, therapy, operations, chirpopractic, you name it, no amount of money is too much to spend keeping them alive, especially when they get older.  I know, I’ve been there.
   My first wife (May she rest in peace with her 11th husband) had a red tomcat named ‘Red’ . We lived near enough to Highway 1 that Red got run over and we took him to our Vet for a repair job. He had broken both back legs and ended up with a plaster cast on his entire rear end except where hid tail protruded.  It wasn’t long before he could run around walking on his front legs, balancing the rest of his body in the air.  Pretty resourceful little sucker, I’ll admit.  That’s when I should have divorced Joyce, but I had to wait another few months before she ran off and married my best friend.  Best thing that ever happened to me, got rid of the cat , too.